September 27, 2023

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Former Colleagues Shocked by Ingrid De Potter’s Death: ‘Brave Lady, Passionate Journalist’ |  television

Former Colleagues Shocked by Ingrid De Potter’s Death: ‘Brave Lady, Passionate Journalist’ | television

BV“A feisty lady, with a great passion for journalism and wine.” Four former VTM colleagues of Ingrid de Potter, who died unexpectedly, all describe it the same way. “The news of her death really surprised me,” said Marc Dupin (62), who performed “VTM Nieuws” in duet with De Putter for many years. “Despite some physical setbacks, she has remained very resilient and energetic.”

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“I never kept statistics on it, but I think I worked with it most often on set,” Dupin continues. “Ingrid and I formed a duo, just like Dany Verstraeten and Kathy Pauwels. At first there was a lot of criticism with this duo show, as with many innovations that dismantled VTM News. But it worked. Ingrid was always very focused and well prepared. A hard worker who always likes to look good. She was very sympathetic and sociable.”

also for Cathy Poles (56), One of VTM’s news pioneers, she was shocked to learn of the death. “I remember her as a very flamboyant lady, even a little eccentric dressed. I first taught her how to do it at BRT then, working in the teletext editors and me at Studio Brussels. She came to VTM one year after the start-up. She was Already a colleague from the start, and then we had a very small but very passionate editorial team,” says Cathy.

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All newscasters ever seen on “VTM Nieuws”. Ingrid de Potter is in the back row and third from the right. Marc Dupin stands next to her. © Thomas Goines

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“Ingrid meant a lot to VTM Nieuws, both as broadcaster and later as editor-in-chief,” he says. Danny Verstreten (67). “She was a lively fellow with a lot of energy. In addition to being a hard worker, she was above all lively, with a passion for a good glass of wine,” says Verstreiten.

She was allowed to closely follow current events and “VTM News”. Steve Waters (56) Experienced more than once. “She was very annoyed at errors in the titles or translation and did not fail to send me a message about them. The last year was a little less, but she has not lost her love for our news. Our thoughts are with her family and her son,” concludes Waters.

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