February 9, 2023

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'Wittekerke' actor Hugo Metzer has been accused of infringing behaviour

‘Wittekerke’ actor Hugo Metzer has been accused of infringing behaviour

Metser lost credibility last month. Dozens of former students at Amsterdam’s acting school accuse the founder and teacher of abuse of power. Metzer was crossing physical, personal, and sexual boundaries during and out of the classroom. Previous students mentioned, among other things, that they had to cross the border in a section of job nudists they didn’t want to do on their own.

A group of students actually sent a letter in 2015 in response to the “kissing incident,” in which Metzer kisses a 21-year-old student during a school party. It happened in the open: everyone could see it. After the letter, Metzer apologized and received a reprimand from the Faculty of Mass Communication. According to the students de Volkskrant spoke to, this does not mean that he has stopped his aggressive behaviour.

Hugo Metzer, who played taciturn musician Joe in the film Wittekerke circa 1997, did not identify himself in the accusations. He resigned his position as a teacher. “I was deeply shocked by the media coverage,” Metersers writes. “It is very close to my heart and I take it very seriously that there are former students who have unpleasant feelings about my classes. It was not my intention and I sympathize with them.”

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