December 8, 2023

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Fifth ‘Indiana Jones’ movie misses its start: Disappointing opening weekend returns |  film

Fifth ‘Indiana Jones’ movie misses its start: Disappointing opening weekend returns | film

filmDisappointment after the mediocre debut weekend of “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny”. The fifth part of the Harrison Ford film series has been waiting for a long time, but according to the first figures, the film made only 60 million dollars.

Analysts expected an opening weekend of $70.3 million. Distributor Walt Disney expected revenues of $65 million. However, these estimates were not met. According to Bloomberg News, “Older movie buffs have especially shied away from cinema, which is precisely the target group of ‘Indiana Jones’ films.”

In the fifth film in the series, 80-year-old Harrison Ford plays archaeologist Indiana Jones on a quest to track down an artifact that could change the course of history. It also stars such actors as Antonio Banderas, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and Karen Allen.

Although it had a disappointing first weekend, Walt Disney stuck with the prediction that the film would reach the expected 145 million in its first week. The American holiday of July 4th may still provide additional movie visits.

Production cost: $295 million

The production cost of the fifth “Indiana Jones” movie was about $295 million, according to Variety. In addition, tens of millions have been spent on the upgrade. Analysts fear it will be difficult to get out of the costs.

The previous Indiana Jones film grossed $100 million in its first weekend of 2008. Ultimately, this movie grossed nearly $791 million worldwide.

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