September 21, 2023

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With a brilliant tactical move: Carlos Sainz wins the Singapore Grand Prix |  Formula 1

With a brilliant tactical move: Carlos Sainz wins the Singapore Grand Prix | Formula 1

Ferrari clipped Red Bull’s wings yesterday. For the first time this season, Max Verstappen’s team did not win.

Carlos Sainz has lived up to his nickname “The Smooth Operator” on the Singapore street circuit. Using the guide of 4-time World Champion Alain Prost, he drove from start to finish in the 15th World Cup round.

Not by pressing the throttle at full throttle, but by racing in a controlled manner. As shown by “The Professor” in the 80s and 90s (in the fight with Ayrton Senna).

Sainz started from pole and remained calm. In the first part of the race, his teammate Charles Leclerc stopped in front of him expertly.

After the tire change, Leclerc was no longer a buffer and Sainz had to continue reading Prost’s handbook.

With Russell third and Hamilton fourth, the Mercedes came out strong. With new tires they went much faster than the leader.

Sainz found the solution in Lando Norris (McLaren). His former teammate, who rode second, became the Spaniard’s new buffer.

Saenz slowed down to allow Norris into his airway. This way the Englishman could stay one step ahead of the chasing Russell and Hamilton.

An excellent and smart strategy that took advantage of both.

“By giving him the DRS, he was able to defend second place. At the same time he helped me win,” said Sainz, who wanted to treat Norris at the bar afterwards.

The Spaniard continued: “If I did not slow down in the corners, I would have been a small piece for Mercedes.” “Once they get Lando, they’ll easily overtake me too.”

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Mercedes can’t do that. They could not compete with the master and “smooth operator” Carlos Sainz Jr.