September 27, 2023

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With “Boomer,” satire in Flanders has reached a point where humor is no longer funny

With “Boomer,” satire in Flanders has reached a point where humor is no longer funny

Suppose we extend the line drawn by Bart de Pauw (De Bao family(Along Ben Segers and Axel Desilliers)Ouch_(To Philip Goebbels)pocket(and now Jan van Lovren)Boomer) he ran. Does this mean it’s only a matter of time before Andy Pillman also gets the idea to try burlesque?

Let us use all means to prevent and achieve this Boomer The endpoint of the trend of famous faces creating fictional series about themselves. No one will be Larry David and him Curb your enthusiasm Overtake, judge by Boomer The genre in Flanders has reached a painful point where the humor is no longer funny.

Jan van Lovren plays an “extended version of himself”. Boomer. I’ve read that a lot of the situational humor in the series is taken from life, such as when it turns out in the store that the warranty has expired, leading to a highly exaggerated outburst. Or using a teenage daughter’s cell phone. However, just because something is realistic doesn’t mean the situation lends itself to good jokes.

Just because you can put baked croissants in the oven doesn’t mean you have the capabilities to start a successful bakery right away. Boomer It contains stories written with the intention of being fun, but along the way they get stuck in the swamp of mediocrity. Wounded egos, debates about masculinity, and the changing zeitgeist: there’s something about the topics that Boomer Touch it, it just doesn’t come out.

“Sorry, my jokes aren’t always good,” Van Lovren apologizes at one point, eliciting a rare laugh from this novel’s writers. Furthermore, Pippa Van Lovren’s constant movement (in real life and on… Boomer The daughter of Jan van Lovren and Else Bates, although her name is Ross in the series) perfectly sums up how she struggled throughout the ten episodes.

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“Shrink!” Pippa Van Looveren says at one point, which is the best review on the subject Boomer Spins. Baba Jan oscillates between self-mockery and misplaced self-righteousness, but it’s mainly the characters around him who provide small bright spots. Daughter Pippa’s interventions are limited but effective, and the scene in which Principal Finn (a hilarious Laurence Rothoft) explains that Jan van Lovren is outdated – often playing with that fact – is funnier than all the other comedic moments combined.

This satirical series falters, and the fact that after a day I forgot how the series ended says a lot about how well I remember it Boomer not.

Boomerevery Sunday evening on VRT1 and now in full on Streamz.