March 28, 2023

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With this procedure, Netflix wants to stop sharing the password | Internet

To work, devices with a specific account must be connected to the account’s primary location, Netflix reports on the Costa Rica help page. Devices that are not part of your primary location may be blocked from watching Netflix. Customers can locate this primary site; By default, this is the household of the main user of the account.

If devices are constantly in use outside of the main user’s Wi-Fi network, Netflix wants to have accounts of their own. This can be done by adding an “extra member” to the account, which is a paid option for sharing a Netflix account outside the home. cost less than a regular subscription; In testing in different countries it was 3 dollars (2.73 euros) per month. Your viewing history can be transferred to this new account. The main user of the account pays for this.

Netflix has already said that it will slowly roll out the option to add paid members outside of one’s home on a country-by-country basis. Costa Rica appears to be the first country where this is happening. The introduction is part of a measure to prevent accounts from being shared outside the home without payment. It is still not known when Netflix will implement the new restrictions in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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