June 5, 2023

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World Tour 3x3 Debrecen: Antwerp advance to the quarter-finals |  3x3 Basketball

World Tour 3×3 Debrecen: Antwerp advance to the quarter-finals | 3×3 Basketball

The 3×3 World Tour will be setting up their tents in Debrecen, Hungary this weekend for the fifth round of the World Tour of the season. Antwerp finished second in their group and will play in the quarter-finals against Serbia’s Lehmann on Sunday.

  1. 9:30 pm Antwerp to the quarter-finals. Princeton beat London in Debrecen 21-9, so Antwerp is sure of second in its group and a place in the quarter-finals. In the quarter-finals, Antwerp will play Serbian Lehmann, the Group B winner, on Sunday.
  2. 8 pm. 21- Antwerp is no match for Princeton. In front of the Americans from Princeton, Antwerp immediately fell 0-3. A chasm that cannot be bridged again. Final score: 14-20. Antwerp will now be paying close attention to tonight’s match between Princeton and London. Only an English win could keep them from the quarter-finals. .
  3. 17 hours 21. Flexible Antwerp starts with a win. In the first duel, Antwerp 3×3 players had to be chased almost continuously. But in the last three minutes, the Belgians climbed above the Londoners. 22-20 was the end result. Antwerp will soon engage in battle against Princeton of the United States. .
  4. 15h 37. Brussels will not draw mainly after the second loss. Brussels’ chances were very slim. And it turned out that Tartu of Estonia was pretty big anyway: 22-9 in the second qualifying round match. Tartu actually beat Los Angeles 21-15. Tartu is the only one who advances to the main lottery. .
  5. The time is 1448. Brussels does not finish against Los Angeles. Brussels quickly advanced by six points in his first qualifying match, but gave up that lead (17-17). After great thinking from Vercoeter, the Belgian team still had a chance to win: at 20-19, only one point was needed. Brussels was allowed to bring the ball to play twice, but failed to score. Los Angeles finished with a score of: 20-21. At 3.05pm, Brussels will play its second and final group match against Tartu. Only the group winner of these three teams will advance. .
  6. 14:30 Brussels in the qualifiers. The Brussels squad is made up of Vadim Holvoyt, Pierre Othmane Lotfy, Diego Merino and Alexandre Vercotier. These four are trying to qualify for the main draw after the qualifiers. It is 2.30 pm. They will play their first game against Los Angeles, at 3:05 p.m. Tartu followed. Only the group winner advances. Check out the live stream above to see if it works. .
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