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Wout van Aert wins a giant duel against Van der Poel with an impressive running track |  Exact Cross 2022

Wout van Aert wins a giant duel against Van der Poel with an impressive running track | Exact Cross 2022

At Zilvermeercross, Wout van Aert started the Christmas season with a smash party. The Belgian champion made the difference on a running lane after an altercation with Van der Poel. World Champion Tom Pidcock completed the podium at Mall.

The organization in the Mall provided the public with an aperitif before Christmas. Wout van Aert, Mathieu van der Poel, and Tom Pidcock were all initially around Zilvermeer, as were Quinten Hermans and Laurens Sweeck.

After a great start from lightweight Thibau Nys, they quickly took the leading role. Hermans and Swick were allowed to drive for a while, but when Van Aert and Van der Pol’s engines started roaring, their empire was over.

Halfway across the cross, the two giants played a game of skipping. Did we get a sprint like the Tour of Flanders two years ago?

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Wout van Aert and Mathieu van der Poel at Zilvermeer Beach.

No, because Van Aert flew into the final. In the woods, he claimed the lead, luring Van der Poel into a trap in the sand.

it worked. Van der Poel choked on the climb and had to get off his bike.

Van Aart then took up his running condition. In a training stint with the team, getting up (almost) daily with a jog, in Mall has become a round of Crosscup.

On the shore, he pulled the soul out of his body. On his way to his second win with three crosses (after Dublin).

Van der Poel threw in the towel and settled – against his will – in second place. Behind him, Pidcock won the battle for third. Swick still wins the sprint race with Hermans.

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World Champion Tom Pidcock is on his way to third place.

The Big Three meet again on Monday. Then they meet in the treacherous castle grounds of Javier. Will van der Poel take revenge?

  1. 6:31 p.m. Score. 1. Van Aert 2. Van der Poel 3. Pidcock 4. Sweeck 5. Hermans.
  2. 6.30pm Tom Pidcock was third and Swick held off Hermanns for fourth. .
  3. 6:29 p.m. finish: Van Aert wins, ahead of Van der Poel. In turn, Wout van Aert gave Matthew van der Poel a tap. The Dutchman won in Antwerp, the Belgian champion in Moll. .
  4. 6:27 p.m. Chief Wout van Aert passes his sporting director Jan Boven. with a smile. .
  5. 6:25 p.m.
  6. 18h24. Hands joined for Wout van Aert. He leads his bosom of honor. .
  7. 18:23. Hermans targets Bidcock. Well done, Quinten Hermans doesn’t give up on his theatrical ambitions. He is a few seconds behind Tom Pidcock. .
  8. The last round. Wout van Aert takes it all on his own in the final Tour. Mathieu van der Poel follows in 34 seconds. . 6 pm 11 pm.
  9. 6:21 p.m.
  10. 6 p.m. 20. Bidcock Rd. In the battle for third place, Tom Pidcock knocked out Laurens Swick and Quentin Hermans. We get the big three on stage. .
  11. Six in the evening, seven in the evening, and Wott van Aert knows no retreat, on the contrary. Van der Poel is behind two rings. .
  12. 6 m 5 m.
  13. 18 hours 16.12 seconds bonus! Two more laps: Wout van Aert has a bonus 12-second lead over Mathieu van der Poel. .
  14. 6:15 p.m. Van Aert uses his legs to run. As if we were watching the crossover in a mall. Stepping sharply into the sand, Van Aert runs away from Van der Poel. Did he catch his rival? .
  15. 6:14 p.m. Van der Poel gets off his bike. Wout van Aert accelerates through the woods and up the sandy hill as a front runner. Matthew van der Poel has to get off his bike. Steam comes out of his ears. .
  16. 6 p.m. 13.
  17. 18 hours 12. +38 seconds. Swick, Hermann and Pidcock battle it out for the third spot on the podium. The trio is already following the Titans on 38 counts. .
  18. 6:11 PM Let’s speculate on the facts for a moment. Will we ever have a sprint like the Tour of Flanders two years ago? You know how that ended. .
  19. 6pm 09. Another 3-Round Mall Thriller! with Van Aert and Van der Poel as protagonists. .
  20. 6 p.m. 08. Fault Hermanns, Swick III. As Van Aert and Van der Poel push each other to the limit, Hermans gets stuck in the sand. Swick takes advantage and claims third place. .