July 12, 2024

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Xbox increases accessibility as well as Halo Infinite

Xbox increases accessibility as well as Halo Infinite

The show was entirely dedicated to accessibility. This has to do with players with disabilities. This could be, for example, deafness, paralysis or vision problems. All the things that make playing more difficult. Companies can do more to make sure that people with additional physical challenges can enjoy games just as much. Sometimes they do, like Microsoft does now. The presentation goes back to one of your favorite Wacht inventions, the Kinect.

What Microsoft is planning are new accessibility tags in the Microsoft Store, which show you the accessibility options that are in the game (such as the option to read the menu out loud or solo gameplay). Initially, this option will only be available to those within the Xbox Accessibility Insiders League, but it is planned to roll out to everyone eventually. One of the games with many of those possibilities is the upcoming Halo Infinite.

By the way, Microsoft has renamed Accessibility Options. You won’t find the options under Ease of Access in the console menu, but under Accessibility. Good news for people who don’t wait for such a box of light in the dark: there will be a night mode display with a darker, softer picture and less heavy on your eyes. If you want to know what’s coming, check out xbox blog.

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