December 8, 2023

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19-year-old Joshua Tarling makes appearance at European Time Trial Championships, Wout van Aart takes bronze |  European Championship 2023

19-year-old Joshua Tarling makes appearance at European Time Trial Championships, Wout van Aart takes bronze | European Championship 2023

European Championships

Individual time trial Individual time trialdistance 28.6 how much
location 16:14: Amen – 5:20 pm: Faith


Joshua Tarling, a 19-year-old Welsh Thoroughbred from Ineos Grenadiers, has won the European Time Trial Championship in Emmen. Tarling was more than 40 seconds faster on the flat track than Swiss Stefan Bissegger and Wout van Aert. Yves Lambart finished ninth.

The multiple winner from Switzerland, the Belgian stunner or the 19-year-old British super talent?

Stefan Kung, Voat van Aart and Joshua Tarling made a great battle on the flat pool roads in and around Emmen.

At the first intermediate point, each of the three masters recorded a difference of 5 seconds. Tarling saw an average speed of 61 km/h on the bike’s computer.

He maintained this pace well, while his opponents had to bend their heads more to the shifting winds. The Briton extended his lead to half a minute, and thousandths separated Van Aert from his Swiss competitor.

The latter fell into an ugly accident. With his broken helmet and torn cycling suit, Kong was still crashing through the line. He could logically forget the medal.

Although this does not automatically mean a silver medal for Wout van Aert. The Belgian champion fell silent and finally had to put up with another Swiss, Stefan Bissegger. Although Van Aert will have other news from teammate Nathan van Hooydonk on his mind.

The mathematical conclusion remains the same: the sky is the limit for young phenomenon Joshua Tarling. With three-quarters of a minute to go, he made a statement that would be heard across Europe.

Tarling: “I felt weaker than I was at the World Cup”

At the World Championships, he already impressed with bronze after Remco Evenepoel and Filippo Ganna, and at this European Championships Joshua Tarling was first.

“I felt weaker than I did in that World Cup,” the winning girl was surprised.

“The wind made it difficult. You had to be able to keep the power up because of the variable winds and that made it difficult.

European time trial men:
1. Joshua Tarling (GBr) 28.6 km by 31’30”
2. Stefan Bissiger (Sui) in 42″
3. Woot Fan Art 43″
4. Mikael Berg (Denin) 1’09”
5. Mattia Cattaneo (Ita) 1’13”
9. Eve Lambert 1’25”
  1. 5:20 PM Conclusion: Tarling wins, and Van Aert has to settle for bronze.

    Conclusion: Tarling wins, and Van Aart must settle for bronze

  2. 5:19pm: Yves Lambert has secured his place in the top ten. The Belgian finished ninth in a time of 1:25 minutes behind the unapproachable winner that day. .
  3. 17:18 Overall, Wout van Aert should be satisfied with the bronze. Karl Faniwkerke.
  4. 5pm 16 The match is over
  5. 5:16 PM Kong reaches the finish line bleeding heavily.

    Kong reaches the finish line bleeding profusely

  6. 5:15pm I crossed the line with a broken helmet. Stefan Kung crosses the line with a broken helmet. It’s a miracle he finished the race. .
  7. 5 PM 14. Kong doesn’t see the crowd barriers and falls hard.

    Kong doesn’t see the crowd barriers and falls hard

  8. Kong tastes ugly! Stefan Kung drops himself. An ugly accident, despite the Swiss’s return to the bike. He can forget the theater. Kong has to lick his wounds. . 5 pm 1 pm
  9. 5:10 PM Maybe this is why Jana is still at home? Fearing for his 19-year-old colleague. Jose de Quir.
  10. 5:00 PM Tarling looks to be on his way to the European title.

    Tarling appears to be on his way to the European title

  11. 17:08 Tarling dominates Waypoint 2 (24km):. There is no difference between Van Aart and Kong, but the Belgian continues to occupy second place. Tarling has widened the gap between himself and the rest and appears to be on his way to the European title with a bonus of 28 seconds: 1. Joshua Tarling (GBR): 23’49” 2. Wout van Aart: 24’18” 3. Stefan Kung (SW): 24′ 18″.
  12. 5:05 PM Lambert: “A very difficult experience.”

    Lambert: “The trial is very difficult.”

  13. 5pm 03. Joshua Tarling takes risks. The Brit goes wild and almost lands in the background. Fortunately for the 19-year-old rider, he is able to bend his tall body around the corner at the right time. .
  14. 17 hours 01. It was a fast but challenging time trial. The last 14 kilometers were endlessly long. A real battle against yourself. There are more headwinds than expected. It is very difficult to maintain your speed. Eve Lambert.
  15. 16 hours 58. Hurry! Van Aert does better than Küng at the first intermediate point, but Tarling is faster.

    To the fastest! Van Aert does better than Küng at the first intermediate point, but Tarling is faster

  16. 16 hours 58. Eve Lambert ended up in Peloton. He set the fastest provisional time at the end. 32’55” and an average of 54 km/h. The last stretch is very difficult again. .
  17. 16 hours 56. The message now is to continue to persevere. We have seen with women that the last bar is the decisive one. Jose de Quire.
  18. 16 hours 56. The situation at route point 1 (10 km): . burner. This is the pace that Joshua Tarling sets. He drives at approximately 61 kilometers per hour and achieves the best split: 1. Joshua Tarling (GB): 9’56” 2. Wout van Aart: 10’00” 3. Stefan Kung (SW): 10’05”.
  19. 16 hours 52.
  20. 16 hours 50. Lambert cut two seconds in the last few kilometers. Jose de Quire.

European Cycling Championships program in Drenthe
Wednesday 9/20 Junior Women’s Time Trial (20.6 km) 9 am Federica Venturelli (Italy)
Wednesday 9/20 Junior Time Trial (20.6 km) 10.25 am Albert Witten Phillipsen (Den)
Wednesday 9/20 Trial of Time and Women’s Promises (20.6 km) 12:00 Zoe Backstedt (Britain)
Wednesday 9/20 Time Trial Men’s Promises (20.6 km) 1:05 pm Alec Sigart
Wednesday 9/20 Women’s Elite Time Trial (29.5 km) 2:30 pm Marilyn Rosser (Sui)
Wednesday 9/20 Men’s Elite Trial (29.5 km) 4:15 pm Joshua Tarling (GBr)
Thursday 9/21 Time trial mixed relay for juniors 12.45 pm
Thursday 9/21 Time Trial Mixed Relay Elite/Promises 3:30 pm Live on VRT1 from 3:30pm.
Friday 9/22 Men’s Oud Road Race (136.5 km) 9:30 am
Friday 9/22 Women’s Oud Road Race (108 km) 2:30 pm
Saturday 9/23 Junior road race (111 km) 9 am
Saturday 9/23 Women’s Elite Road Race (131.3 km) 1:45 pm Live on VRT1 at 2:30pm
Sunday 9/24 Junior road race (69 km) 9 am
Sunday 9/24 Men’s Elite Road Race (199.9 km) 12.15 noon Live on VRT1 from 2pm.
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