September 28, 2022

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5 Cryptocurrency Trends to Watch » Cryptocurrency Insiders

Despite the necessary trial and error, 2021 was an excellent year for Bitcoin (BTC) And the rest of the crypto world. Over the past 52 weeks, Bitcoin has been at least 70% in the affirmative. In addition, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are increasingly being adopted by major institutions and even countries! There is no doubt that the coming year will be full of excitement and there are a number of reasons why the hearts of cryptocurrency investors are starting to beat faster.

1. Bitcoin Spot ETF

Bitcoin investors are eagerly awaiting the approval of the first Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This stock exchange fund is often seen as the holy grail of accelerating institutional adoption. Although the Securities and Exchange Commission de First orders Turned down, there is a good chance it will be given the green light for the first time in 2022.

2. Extensive regulation

Governments around the world get ready To permanently regulate the crypto industry. In the vast majority of cases, this will not be a ban, as was the case in China. Instead, this regulation will provide much-needed clarity and certainty. This certainty could convince large institutional investors who are currently still hesitant to enter the world of cryptocurrency.

3 – Countries are following El Salvador’s lead

Perhaps the most important news of the year was the embrace of Bitcoin in El Salvador. The Central American country made history by becoming the first country where Bitcoin became legal tender. Chances are, El Salvador will not be the last country. In 2022, more countries can follow El Salvador’s lead.

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4. Bitcoin Reaches New Heights

Bitcoin price was really on a fast track in 2021. High peaks were achieved, but deep valleys were also challenged. There is no good reason to believe that this will be any different in 2022. Who knows, Bitcoin will become the first for the first time next year A magic teacher of $100,000 to achieve. According to many analysts, this opportunity certainly exists.

5. Ethereum takes bitcoin

Next year, there are some big events on the agenda of the second largest cryptocurrency Ether (ETH). If all goes according to plan, the long-awaited ETH 2.0 merger will take place. This will make Ethereum very attractive to cryptocurrency investors and many of them We believe that Ethereum can do great against Bitcoin in 2022.