October 5, 2022

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96 Known Flemish People and New Location: The Return of 'Truth, Dare or Deed' on VTM |  Television

96 Known Flemish People and New Location: The Return of ‘Truth, Dare or Deed’ on VTM | Television

A new location has been chosen for the new season: the historic Oranjerie in Kortrijk. This season, the game also continues on the city streets. Who will beat a Leie during a phase that is likely to be particularly wet? What daredevil threw himself from Broeltorens to a zipline without thinking? Who will succeed in creating the longest clothing chain by undressing as many Kortrijk residents as possible? And who gets the consolation prize and has to wash the dishes?

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The four guests prepare the evening menu themselves, from spicy, oven-baked snacks to creamy tiramisu. Until the last moment they did not know who would join them at the table that evening. The first names of the 96 faces are already known: Nicholas Kayers, Dorothy Dawe, Astrid Coppins, Jens Dendoncker, Ann Lemmens, Metegor, Steen Edlund, Kemal Karmash, Kurt Rogers and Jamie Lee Six play the game. Who dares to take on the challenge and who adapts to a bold question? What are the torrents that take place at nightfall?

The new season of ‘Truth, Dare or Doen’ will premiere on VTM later this month

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