April 1, 2023

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Celine and Michele from CEMI are the first Flemish couple with 1 million YouTube subscribers: 'So proud and grateful' |  Instagram news VTM

Celine and Michele from CEMI are the first Flemish couple with 1 million YouTube subscribers: ‘So proud and grateful’ | Instagram news VTM

showbizMillion cheers for Céline Dept (22) and Michiel Callebaut (26). Through their YouTube channel CEMI, they have reached the 1 million followers mark. Firstly, because they are the first Flemish couple to succeed in this.

Celine and Michele have been running one of the most popular YouTube channels in Flanders for years. They recently reached 1 million followers, and that can be considered a milestone. That’s why they will soon get a golden play button from YouTube. The company sends to any Content Creator who has a million followers. “We are very proud and grateful that we were able to make this happen. Now we are moving on to the two million,” says CEMI.

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The couple finds out the good news thanks to Michelle’s parents. “They called us,” CEMI explains. We were shooting a video outside at the time. They said, “You have 999,990 subscribers, let’s count down together inside.” (Laugh)Live subscribersWe did that until we had a million followers. When you think about this number of people: pretty crazy.”

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Michel has been making videos since 2012. He started an English language football channel, where he regularly uploads content from 2016. In 2018, he got acquainted with Celine, who later did not participate in such a football video. In the summer of 2019, CEMI, the couple’s Dutch-speaking channel, will be a reality. They share their life on YouTube through vlogs and videos. “We try to entertain people,” the couple explains. We often do this through all sorts of things Challenges to start. We have a positive attitude towards life, and we try to convey that – in a consistent way – to our viewers. Of course we also have fewer moments, but we don’t share them on social media that often. We also have a private life alongside our videos.”

Popular everywhere

CEMI is also active on TikTok and Instagram. And yes, they have a lot of followers there too. They all have certain expectations that the couple wants to meet. They say “we put a lot of pressure on ourselves about the things we publish”. “It’s not always easy to find something new that we can share next. There is always a lot of time in the video. It’s a full time job, even though Michelle’s mother didn’t believe it at first. (laughs)”

Younger audiences in particular admire the couple and, in their own words, CEMI focuses on young people between the ages of six and eighteen. Celine and Michele provided merchandise for these fans. Sweaters, T-shirts, socks, and even earrings have been successful YouTubers. In addition, CEMI also ventures into songs: “So special” and “Merry Christmas”. Their work has already won a Golden K award for “YouTube Song of the Year”. Then there’s “Rewind,” the duo’s first movie. A release is expected this fall, and will undoubtedly ensure that the duo becomes even more popular. “Everywhere we go, we take our picture,” the couple says. And this is sometimes in the strangest of places. “During a break at a football game, Michele went to the public restroom. While he was urinating, the man next to him asked him, ‘Michelle, when you’re done, can my son be in the picture later?’ That was a funny moment,” Celine laughs.

Play football with Ronaldo

Their success certainly does not hurt CEMI. For example, a couple reports that their online presence has a positive effect on their bank account – although they prefer not to mention the amounts involved. “We are so glad we were able to turn our passion into our profession,” it seemed. “Hopefully we can maintain this for a long time to come.” And who knows, Celine’s big dream may come true. “Challenge of football against my idol, Cristiano Ronaldo. That would be awesome!”

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