December 5, 2023

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Nicki Minaj regrets plastic surgery: “I was fine the way I was.”  celebrities

Nicki Minaj regrets plastic surgery: “I was fine the way I was.” celebrities

look. Nicki Minaj shows off the results of her breast reduction surgery on social media

“I guarantee it. If something changes in your body due to plastic surgery, you will probably realize later: ‘I was good the way I was,'” says the American rapper. “That’s what happened to me.” She didn’t look at old photos for a long time because she wasn’t happy with her appearance. But now she looks at those same photos with admiration. “I can’t believe I didn’t like some of the pictures.”

Insecurity about her body is what prompted Minaj to get plastic surgery. “I didn’t like being skinny, or with a flat ass, or with breasts that weren’t high enough. It was a lot of things. The rapper recently opted to reverse at least one of her previous procedures and underwent a breast reduction. “I look at myself now and I literally say : “I’m about to look like that girl again.” I love him. “I wanted a bigger butt, and now I look back and realize how stupid that was,” Minaj admits. “Whether you have curves or not, love your body. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

What made her change her mind? Nikki thinks her 3-year-old son is up to something. “I think pregnancy may have played a role because when I saw my son it reminded me so much of myself. ‘The real me,’” she says. “And it made me think, ‘Why didn’t I like this?’ Very strange. But I realize now that these old photos are beautiful.”