December 7, 2023

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A fantastic evening in Schlesen: Al-Stander rises against Anderlecht with three goals in 9 crazy minutes |  Jupiler Professional League 2023/2024

A fantastic evening in Schlesen: Al-Stander rises against Anderlecht with three goals in 9 crazy minutes | Jupiler Professional League 2023/2024

An exciting winner with Standard as the biggest winner. Who would have thought that Anderlecht were 0-3 after half an hour? But a disallowed goal from Dreyer gave the Roche side another lifeline, which they grabbed with both hands. Standard rose after the break with three goals in nine crazy minutes. A stunned Anderlecht had no answer and lost for the first time since the opening day.

Standard – Anderlecht in brief:

  • Key moment: Just before the half-hour mark, Anders Dreyer appeared to have settled the game against Anderlecht with two goals in as many minutes. However, the score was disallowed at 0-3 after VAR intervention, due to an (ecstatic) handball by announcer Theo Leoni. The standard comes across particularly well.
  • Man of the match: Nice chest check and powerful shot on target. Nathan Ngoy brought Sclessin into raptures on the hour mark with a score of 3-2. He knew how to choose the moment to score his first goal for Standard.
  • distinct: For Anderlecht, a run of nine matches without defeat came to an end, with six wins and three draws. Since losing to Union on opening day, the Purple and White have bitten the dust once again.

Danish dynamite makes the difference for Anderlecht

Last year the match at the Slessen Stadium was halted when angry Anderlecht fans threw fireworks onto the pitch, and this time the Purple and White were hoping to set off sporting fireworks. However, the first missile came from Standard. Djenepo quickly put Sardella and Debast at bay in the penalty area, but then forgot that football is about finishing attacks.

A costly miss that became even more painful for the home team when Van Heusden missed a cross from Hazard five minutes later. Dolberg said thank you and scored his fourth goal in as many games.

Midway through the first half, a powerful Anderlecht scored again. Standard couldn’t handle the pressure inside the box and after some wrangling, Dreyer shot the ball out of Boddart’s reach: 0-2.

The Dane immediately sent Anderlecht fans into raptures with his second goal of the evening, but the score was disallowed at 0-3 after VAR intervened due to an earlier handball from Leone.

The standard survived and was revived. With a brilliant save, Schmeichel kept Soah out of the equalizer and Kwabe and Ngoy also collided with the Danish goalkeeper. Shortly before the end of the first half, his teammate shone at the other end. Hazard seemed to be on his way to 0-3 with a beautiful shot, but Bodart stopped it.

Sclessin is shaken after an unexpected transformation

Standard came out of the dressing room rejuvenated and turned the game on its head in the first fifteen minutes after half-time. Alzat chased the flame into the tube. Following a cross from Souah, he headed first at Debast, but early in the second half, the Colombian miscued the ball past Schmeichel.

Just three minutes after the equalizer, Kwabe scored the equalizer. The Japanese had plenty of space inside the penalty area and fired the ball into the far corner. Schmeichel and almost the entire Anderlecht squad were stunned.

Encouraged by the enthusiastic home supporters, Standard pushed the accelerator a little deeper. Fossey’s cross was poorly cleared by Sardella and after a good chest check, Ngoy made it 3-2 with a powerful shot into the top corner. Standard went from 0-2 to 3-2 in just 9 minutes.

Brian Rimmer tried to turn things around with a series of substitutions, but Anderlecht were no longer able to cause problems for the absolute standard. For the Purple & White, the 9-game unbeaten streak has come to an end. Standard continues their progress with their fourth win in five matches.

Van Heusden: “Anything is possible at Sklesen, it has always been this way and it always will be”

  • Zino Debast (Anderlecht): “We were in complete control of the first half. We created chances, counter-attacks and hurt the backs. But we couldn’t come out of the dressing room like that in the second half. It’s hard to explain. It wasn’t tactical or mental. That first goal was avoidable and then you knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Even if you are 3-0 or 4-0 ahead, Sklisen is difficult anyway. But we knew it and we were prepared for it. It should be so. “It didn’t happen. We have enough experienced players, and everyone has already played in big stadiums. Maybe we thought the score was 0-2 already. We have to focus on the first half and continue that.”
  • Kasper Dolberg (Anderlecht): “I don’t know what happened in the second half. I think we came out of the dressing room very confident. It was never supposed to happen. I have no explanation for it. The atmosphere on the field? It should be like that.” “That’s no excuse. I’ve never experienced this before, it’s a terrible feeling. We should have won today, it’s very difficult.”
  • Mario Struijkens (Anderlecht): “It’s hard to describe this, it’s a huge disappointment for the whole team. We started the second half poorly. That’s frustrating and disappointing. In the second half it was a completely different game. Standard started to press after the first goal. We had difficulty controlling the ball and that’s what cost us.” the match”.
  • Zinho van Heusden (standard): “The first half wasn’t good, and Anderlecht were much better at the time. But at the Slesin Stadium, anything is possible. That’s always been the case and it will always be that way. With Anderlecht’s first goal I should have kicked the ball away. After that, ‘We just have to We will continue and I am happy with our victory. We knew anything was possible once we scored one goal. Then anything is possible, then it will be haunted here. “We have to thank the fans, it was exceptional again. The level is back, but we have to stay calm.”
  • Steven Alzate (standard): “We started the game a little slow, but then we picked up our pace. The support of the fans helped us a lot. We were disappointed of course in the first half, but in football things can change quickly. After that first goal, “we had moments and we managed From registering for the second and third time. We have shown in recent weeks the kind of team spirit we have. There was some disappointment at 0-2, but we were not worried at any point. In the second and a half we were much stronger.”

Press conference and post-match reactions:

  1. Second half, minute 99, over. Sclessin was rocked to his foundations. After an unexpected turnaround, Standard took full spoils against arch rivals Anderlecht. At half-time, Liège were still 0-2 down, but in a crazy first quarter of the second half, Standard surged above the purple and white. .
  2. Second half, 98th minute, the match is over
  3. Second half, minute 96. Substitution for Standard, Aiden O’Neill comes on and Steven Alzate comes off.
  4. Yellow card for Standard player Isaac Price in the second half, minute 96
  5. Second half, minute 96. Yellow for Price. Bryce parks Ndiaye incorrectly and receives another yellow card. Meanwhile, top scorer Alzate was brought in to replace O’Neill at Standard. .
  6. Yellow card for Anderlecht player Kasper Schmeichel in the second half in the 92nd minute
  7. Second half, minute 92. Standard is dangerous on the free kick, but Schmeichel stands directly on Price’s shot. .
  8. Yellow card for Anderlecht’s Zino Debast in the second half, minute 91
  9. Second half, minute 91. Yellow for Debast. Debast is not having his best game. He received a yellow card for a foul on Canak and thus gave a free kick to Standard. .
  10. Second half, minute 90. Misjudgment by Debast. An error in judgment by Debast opens the door to 4-2, but the defender corrects his mistake and prevents Kanga from having a chance. .
  11. Second half, minute 86. Phillips takes the free kick but shoots the ball high. The opportunity is lost, and the first defeat in ten matches approaches for Anderlecht. .
  12. Second half, minute 85. Anderlecht scores a central free kick in front of the goal. It’s still a long way off, but maybe purple and white can still get something out of this? .
  13. Second half, minute 85. Substitution for Standard, Cihan Çanak comes on, Moussa Djenepo comes off
  14. Second half, minute 84. Substitution for Standard, Isaac Price comes on, Hayao Kawabe comes off
  15. Second half, minute 84. Applause for Kawabe and Djenebo. Canak and Price will remain on the Standard team. Kawabe and Genippo leave aside to loud applause. .
  16. Second half, minute 81. Time is running out for Anderlecht as Aux Armes rolls from the stands. The Purple and White looked like they were going to make a 3-pointer in the first half, but gave up everything in the first quarter of the second half. .
  17. Second half, minute 80. Substitution for Anderlecht, Moussa Ndiaye comes on, Ludwig Augustinsson comes off.
  18. Second half, minute 80. Substitution at Standard, Jill Dewailly comes on, Marlon Fossey comes on.
  19. Second half, minute 80. At the Standard, Vusi is brought on in place of Dewaile. Anderlecht also make another change, with Ndiaye replacing Augustinsson. .
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