December 1, 2023

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In pictures: Greg Van Avermaet instantly wins his first (alternative) triathlon |  Triathlon

In pictures: Greg Van Avermaet instantly wins his first (alternative) triathlon | Triathlon

Sitting still is not an option for Greg Van Avermaet. Two weeks after his last race, he competed in a triathlon for the first time in Spain. The focus was mainly on fun, but Van Avermaet was the first to cross the line.

Greg Van Avermaet was at the start of the SGRail 100, a gravel triathlon in northern Spain, organized by three-time Hawaiian winner and Olympic champion Jan Frodeno.

Participation is more important than winning in Girona. There are prizes for the best coffee drinker, the most useful triathlete, or the best dressed participant.

Van Avermaet had a great time and was first across the line, just ahead of former doubles player and triples player Jim Thijs.

Gravel triathlon distances Girona (Spa)

  • Swimming 1500 metres
  • 92.6 km of gravel cycling (with 1080 m elevation gain)
  • 10km running track (with 320m elevation gain)

Greg Van Avermaet begins his fearsome role: swimming. It emerges from the water around location 60.

He takes control of the race on his gravel bike.

Van Avermaet maintains his leading position during the run.

Top triathlete and organizer Jan Frodeno is waiting for Van Avermaet at the end.

The Olympic cyclist ends his day with sparkling wine.

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