January 29, 2023

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A mysterious granite monument in America was demolished overnight

A mysterious granite monument in America was demolished overnight

Georgia police are searching for people behind an explosion that destroyed a mysterious granite monument Wednesday night. The monument is inscribed with esoteric messages in twelve languages. Some Christian conservatives have called it a “satanic” relic.

Source: Belga

Six stone blocks were erected in the 1980s in rural South America. Under mysterious circumstances, it was an anonymous client who set up the blocks. Some have called the uncontroversial blocks the “American Stonehenge.” The monument has attracted the attention of many tourists and other curious and conspiracy theorists.

Messages on the stones called for “seeking harmony with the infinite” or “uniting humanity with a new living language.” It also called for limiting humanity to “500 million individuals in perpetual balance with nature.”

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), which is conducting the investigation, said on Twitter that “unidentified persons detonated explosives” overnight Tuesday into Wednesday. Surveillance footage shows the car’s headlights exploding on the granite rocks. No one was injured.

Police determined that “a large portion of the structure” was destroyed. Ultimately, the blocks were completely dismantled “for safety reasons,” according to the GBI, which released images of a car leaving the site.

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The Georgia Tourist Board advertises a monument called the “Georgia Guidestones” that stands in the middle of the fields. According to the tourism office’s website, the six-metre tall monument “also serves as an astronomical calendar”.

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Politician Candice Taylor, who bit the dust in the Republican primaries ahead of the Georgia gubernatorial election in May, welcomed the destruction of the “Satanic” monument. On the other hand, far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones condemned the vandalism because the memorial would show that there is indeed a “conspiracy” to control the world’s population.