July 16, 2024

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A New Beginning for the Danish Royal Family in America

A New Beginning for the Danish Royal Family in America

Last year there was a big stir in Denmark. the queen Margaret Taking the titles away from his grandchildren, the family responded with unprecedented openness in the press, and after sincere apologies, all would be well again. But it was decided to migrate. On the other side of the ocean. Because they get along well, of course.

A new beginning

Some (not really atmospheric) footage emerged from Washington this past weekend: Prince JoachimSecond son of Queen Margrethe and the late Prince HenrikHe has started a new job there.

Image: NL Image

Here’s the thing: Joachim has been working as a military attaché at the Danish Embassy in Paris for the past few years. However, this position came to an end, so the prince had to look for a new job. He found it in America, even further from Amalienborg in Copenhagen than the French capital.

In Washington, the prince fulfills a function similar to that in France. Joachim is going to work at the Danish Embassy as a Defense Attaché.

The family moved

Of course, not only did the prince leave, but so did his wife, the princess Maryand children, number Henrik and the Countess Athena along with US or A. It was a bit of work, the prince explained to the assembled press on his first day on the job.

“Going to another continent is not easy. Paris is our second home. Europe is Europe. We are known there. It is something completely different. We have faced some challenges and still have a lot to do in terms of moving and settling in,” says Joachim.

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Good company

Incidentally, Joachim and Marie are not the only members of the royal family now living in America. Of course they can exchange cultural notes with the Sussexes, but since they live on the other side of the country, we’re not expecting coffee dates with them.

For now, the Swedish princess lives on Madeleine and his family in the Japanese country of Florida Mako In New York, also called Norwegian lovebirds Martha Lewis And Durek Verret Must go to America. The Danes have enough royal connections to keep them entertained!

Source: Billedbladet.dk, Kongehuset.dk | Image: NL Image