July 12, 2024

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A new Titanic voyage is planned, but the United States opposes |  outside

A new Titanic voyage is planned, but the United States opposes | outside

The US government is trying to stop a new expedition to the wreck of the Titanic. This is what the Associated Press (AP) wrote today. Washington said the campaign, organized by a Georgia company that owns rights to salvage the wreck, violated international rules regarding the Titanic’s status as an inviolable memorial. The expedition comes just two months after the controversial disaster in which the submarine’s crew died trying to reach its wreck.

The salvage company, RMS Titanic Inc. (RMST), specializing in, among other things, the salvage and display of objects and remains of what is probably the most famous shipwreck in the world. However, according to the US government, such activities should not be undertaken, as the wreck still contains the remains of more than 1,500 people who died in the shipwreck in 1912.

The government cites laws and the agreement with the United Kingdom, which prohibits disturbing artifacts from remaining in the wreck. Last Friday, government attorneys in Washington, D.C., turned over documents to federal court. According to the AP, it states, among other things, that “RMST is not at liberty to violate this applicable law, but that is their stated intent.”

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legal battle

The expedition is scheduled to take place in May next year, and searching for and recovering items from the wreckage is an obvious goal for the company, as long as these items are not attached to the ship’s hull. The company also wants to take pictures of the remains of the Titanic. Specifically, RMST hopes to bring to the surface the ship’s Marconi radio, which the crew used to send signals for help over a hundred years ago.

And in 2020, a judge has already given the company permission to do so, because the radio is considered to be of great historical importance. RMST wants to showcase the device, or what’s left of it, with the stories of the final hours of the crew, who, the company says, kept sending out distress signals until they put their feet in the water. Even then, the government was fiercely opposed to the campaign, but it lost the legal battle.

However, the US government says the RMST cannot embark on the expedition without obtaining permission from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the agency that represents public interests in the wreck. RMST says it is willing to work with the agency, but will not apply for a permit.

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