March 28, 2023

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A prince flies to the United States for a mission: "Put chicory back on the menu with Americans" (Sint-Katelijne-Waver)

A prince flies to the United States for a mission: “Put chicory back on the menu with Americans” (Sint-Katelijne-Waver)

Watch sale at BelOrta auction. © Leo de Nijn


From Sunday, the Princely Mission, led by Princess Astrid, will explore the east coast of the United States. “After the epidemic, we will again focus on our asparagus, leeks, celery, Brussels sprouts and chicory in the United States,” said Didier Lepotre, of the Belorda auction in Sint-Katlizne-Waver.

Leo de Nijn

With a population of over 337 million, the United States is a potential market. Belgium is the 5th largest supplier of fresh vegetables in Europe, after Spain, the Netherlands, France and Italy. For example, in 2021, Belgium will account for 87% of celery exports to the United States and 75% of chicory.

© Leo de Nijn

Tighten the tires again

During the Prince’s mission, Belgian food representatives will visit the opening markets in Philadelphia, New York and Boston. In addition, contacts are planned with several US importers. On Wednesday, June 8, a tasting event called ‘Taste of Belgium’ will be held in New York, where wholesalers and importers can learn and taste regular Belgian vegetables such as chicory, leeks and asparagus.

“Before the corona epidemic, we exported 50% more chicory than in 2021. Now that the worst period of the epidemic is over, we want to renew our relationship so that Americans can enjoy our chicory again. Belgian chicory, Belgian beer and Belgian waffles are often mentioned in the United States in the same breath, ”said Didier Lepotre, who is in charge of market development and expansion in Belorda.

Promoting Belgian Chicory to Americans.

Promoting Belgian Chicory to Americans. © Velling BelOrta

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