December 8, 2022

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A prominent Libyan figure: "Prince Laurent threatened and blackmailed me" |  Property

A prominent Libyan figure: “Prince Laurent threatened and blackmailed me” | Property

King Philip’s younger brother had big plans in Libya with one of his non-profit organizations to plant trees in the desert. Thus, it was believed that he would put an end to the progress of the desert. Libya unilaterally terminated the contract ten years ago, after which Laurent tried to recover his money through the courts. In the end, an investigative judge in Brussels seized 14 billion euros of the former Libyan regime from Euroclear Bank. Of this amount, Laurent was awarded 50 million euros in compensation. But the prince has not yet seen a cent.

Earlier this year, the investigating judge in Brussels, Claes, issued an international arrest warrant for Ali Mahmoud Hassan, the head of the Libyan Investment Authority. He is now claiming in the African media that he received threats and extortion letters from Prince Laurent. “He tried twice to take control of our money in Luxembourg, but we were able to prevent it.” According to Hassan, Laurent used his influence with the Belgian authorities. “They summoned me for interrogation and handed me a trumped-up criminal charge, which resulted in the issuance of the arrest warrant. I received many threats. They asked me to pay the amount to Prince Laurent so that the arrest warrant issued against me is cancelled.”

Laurent could not be reached for comment, despite repeated attempts by Sudpresse.

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