December 9, 2022

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Doctor Botox, friend of Jean-Claude Van Damme and 'boereke from the Kempen': This is the cast of Season 6 of 'The Sky is the Limit' |  showbiz

Doctor Botox, friend of Jean-Claude Van Damme and ‘boereke from the Kempen’: This is the cast of Season 6 of ‘The Sky is the Limit’ | showbiz

There’s still some time to wait for “The Sky is the Limit” movie to start, but the cast for Season 6 has already been introduced today. “A wonderful year,” says show maker Peter Boeckx, who will soon present his “All Stars” version, in addition to this one, featuring stars such as scaffolding builder Michel Van den Brande and madam sausage Mary Ann de Neil will be shown.

But for the series, he called for a mix of faces from the previous season and some newcomers. Members of the Martens family appear in the first category, such as businessman Jay Binders and his girlfriend Sona – who lives in Dubai – and Frederic Laermans. Self-proclaimed “boereke van de Kempen” introduces his new girlfriend, Loremie, this season. Debuting again on TV: businessman Yves Maes, businessman Nicolas de Bruyne, world-famous artist Sigurd Tange and plastic surgeon Joshua van der Aa.

Eve Mays and his partner Julie Hanes. © Christoph Jeslink

Eve Maes is the director of a container and waste handling company. Despite his wealth – which he loves to share with his partner Julie – he has always remained a common man. It seems that “if Eve can eat a box of French fries with curry, he’s happy”.

Nicholas de Bruyne and Sarah.

Nicholas de Bruyne and Sarah. © Christoph Jeslink

Second in the list of newcomers is Nicolas de Bruyne. Peter Books nicknamed him “The Wolf of Nineveh.” De Bruyn is the son of a doctor who did not study further, but set himself the goal of becoming the richest in the family. He succeeded thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit. He has a number of fitness companies to his name, a real estate portfolio and is doing well Business Academy. Although he admits that his fiancée Sarah and their daughter are his greatest fortunes.

Dr. Joshua van der Aa.

Dr. Joshua van der Aa. © Christoph Jeslink

Dr. Joshua van der A brings the luxury of London to the small screen. Joshua comes from a very ordinary family, but his life in the British capital is anything but. He lives in an expensive house in Park Crescent – one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the city – and has quite a few celebrities among his clients. Being his own flag, Joshua himself isn’t averse to padding – and he’s put them all over his face. He also injected platelet-rich plasma into his hair. “This is starting to shrink, and I’m not ready for that yet,” the thirty-year-old’s choice explains.

Artist Sigurd Tangi, partner Charlene and their son Dan.

Artist Sigurd Tangi, partner Charlene and their son Dan. © Christoph Jeslink

Last but not leastArtist: Sigurd Tanghe. He used to have an interior design firm, which even worked at the royal palace. A few years ago, he abandoned it completely, to devote himself entirely to his art. Sigurd opened a gallery in Knokke, which was immediately successful. With – how could it be otherwise – a series of famous clients – like Jean-Claude Van Damme. “Big guy,” Tangi said. “He became a friend.”

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