February 1, 2023

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A third of new cars in Belgium are electrified and diesel is less and less popular | Mobility

The share of electrified cars in Belgium will increase further in 2022. In 2021 a quarter of new cars are already electrified, hybrid or ‘pure’ electric, but in 2022 this will mean more than a third of newly registered cars. This is evidenced by the figures released by the Auto Union in February on Thursday. It’s businesses and self-employed individuals who have found their way into these cars, and ordinary people will also get a glimpse of the cat out of the tree in 2022.

The auto union also notes that the share of plug-in cars, that is, hybrid and electric cars, has risen to 27 percent. In 2021, these were still 18 percent. With these figures, we still do not do as well as other countries like Norway. There, 4 out of 5 cars have a battery.

This increase is at the expense of classical combustion engines. Petrol engines still lead the rankings in Belgium, and for the first time since 2017 they have fallen below the 50 per cent limit. Diesels continue the decline that began in 2018. At the time they still had a market share of just under 80 percent, and in 2022 it will be only about 16 percent of new registrations.

Gasoline and diesel still command a high market share among individuals: together 79 percent, compared to 57 percent among businesses and the self-employed.

The last two categories are increasingly buying electrified cars. In 2022, 87 percent of electric vehicle registrations, and battery electric vehicle (BEV) in terms, will be done by businesses and the self-employed. For plugins, 91 percent of registrations come from the same companies and self-employed people.

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If individuals buy an electric car, they are more likely to choose a vehicle with hybrid technology: 54.6 percent of registrations of this type were made by private individuals.

Vebiac also notes that there were more than 200 electrified models on the market at the end of 2022. A new record, which of course has something to do with the CO2 reduction targets imposed by Europe.

The number of cars decreased

Already on Monday, Vebiac announced that the number of new passenger car registrations in 2022 fell further by 4.39 percent. The year got off to a rocky start, but since August Belgium sales have seen five consecutive months of growth. The fact that the decline is still limited overall is due to registrations by companies. In 2021, they accounted for 58 percent of those registered, and in 2022 this percentage is already 62 percent. The commercial vehicle market grew by 2.5 percent. Vibiac describes this good news for the greening of the fleet.

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