March 30, 2023

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Argentine doctor becomes a father at 83: "Unfortunately, I will not be able to see Emilio grow up" |  a stranger

Argentine doctor becomes a father at 83: “Unfortunately, I will not be able to see Emilio grow up” | a stranger

An Argentinean dietitian became a father at the age of 83. Of course, this aging also has consequences. “There is a realization that unfortunately I will not see him grow up,” Alberto Cormelo replies with necessary disappointment. Emilio’s son is now nine months old.

Cormelo’s wife, Estefania Paschini, 35, became pregnant thanks to a fertility treatment. Although Emilio is still just a kid, he is already preparing for his future. For example, a private teacher is already busy teaching him Chinese.

Seems to come twice a week. “Taking, singing and playing with him, he can get used to the sounds of Chinese. That way he will pick up that language more easily later. No idea if he will use it effectively, but Chinese is simply the language of the future.”

It should be clear: there is no time to lose. “I am actively engaged in his upbringing. While I am still here, I want to prepare him as best I can. I encourage him to crawl and leave messages for him to listen to later. I am not shedding light, I am just capturing the truth of life. Ah, I enjoy every day that is still given to me in his company”.

Rene (55) and Adrien (47), Cormelo’s other two sons, are already quite old. The doctor also has three granddaughters. His first wife, Monica Arburgst, passed away in 2017. He himself is a colon cancer survivor.

Cormillot is a big name in the health world. He has more than fifty books on nutrition and obesity. Presented about a hundred research papers in scientific journals and conferences.

However, the Argentine has not yet recognized his superiority in Julio Iglesias Sr. Bernie Ecclestone. The father of singer Julio Iglesias and the Formula 1 icon became a father at the age of 90 and 89 respectively.

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