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Assassin’s Creed Mirage / Reviews

Assassin’s Creed Mirage / Reviews

Doctrine killer I’ve been away from him for a long time, though Valhalla As the penultimate release in 2020. Ubisoft will reportedly approve Assassin’s Creed Mirage A bit of a ‘back to basics’, which more or less means focusing on stealth gameplay and secret missions, rather than an open world RPG with an emphasis on combat.

in Mirage Can we play the killer known as Ben Ishaq. The name will be remembered by many Doctrine killer –A familiar fan because he played a fairly prominent role in assassins creed valhalla, The penultimate iteration of the popular Ubisoft franchise released in 2020. The chronology may be a bit difficult to follow for some as the story is Mirage It begins with the name of a young street mouse while at home Valhalla You have already grown into a true professional AC Mirage It is a sequel.

Mirage Developed by Ubisoft Bordeaux, it was previously a support studio that supported development, among other things Ghost Recon Wildlands, Ghost Recon Break Point, And rainbow six extract, But he was also responsible for druid wrath, The first downloadable content (DLC) for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Assassin’s Creed Mirage It was also initially going to be an extension of valhalla, But it has evolved into a standalone game with the aim of returning to the series’ roots: stealth, parkour and assassinations, where the RPG elements that played a prominent role in the later installments have faded into the background.

We write Baghdad around the thirteenth century, towards the end of the Islamic Golden Age. While conducting petty theft activities, Bassem comes across a mysterious artifact and is nearly decapitated while trying to steal it by soldiers of the Order, or the central antagonists, the Knights Templar. Fortunately, some members of “The Hidden Ones” intervene in time and are able to rescue Bassem. Because of his courage and skill, Bassem was accepted into a secret group of assassins, where he was trained to eventually become a master of the craft.

This starts like many others conditioningGame with climbing lesson. The parkour system seems to have remained unchanged, as we have the familiar “Free Run” button that can be pressed to allow Bassem to automatically move along walls and over roofs like a real acrobat. Although the old hurt is still there. Anyone ever had one conditioningHe has played the game and knows the hackneyed phenomenon, about which many memes have already been created, that sometimes sends you in the wrong direction so that Bassem does not jump to the next obstacle but allows himself to fall from three floors, with all the consequences that entail.

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Baghdad and its surrounding locations are densely populated, and there is a lively atmosphere throughout as NPCs go about their daily business quite normally and constantly converse with each other in multiple foreign languages. Unfortunately, your companions aren’t quite as memorable – they’re voiced by Roshan, your teacher of the deadly arts Shohreh Aghdashloo certainly played a nice role with her distinctive voice, but other than that I can only name a few characters that left an impression during the various missions. The NPCs aren’t exactly of high standards in terms of appearance, but the fact that they look a bit boring and usually offer uninspired sidequests does nothing to do with the potential compelling appeal of the main story.

We are taught well-known specialties, such as stealth, eavesdropping on conversations, “merging” into groups of infantry, and of course, combat techniques. Because even though Bassem is primarily an assassin, you won’t always be able to remain invisible while sneaking multiple times into a large temple or mosque, and once you are noticed, you won’t always be able to take the initiative. The ‘open combat’ works well on its own, as enemies have different attacks where subtle telegraphs reveal whether you can block an attack, counter it, or whether you have to dodge. This takes some practice because the timing is very tight. This makes sense to anyone Doctrine killer –Game; In the previous parts, you could sometimes ignore the stealth element entirely because you could still mop the floor with everyone.

In addition to the fixed sword and dagger for regular battles, Bassem gets several nice tools at his disposal. These range from throwing knives and smoke bombs to exploding darts with sleeping pills. What I really like are the skill sets, as we know them from other popular Ubisoft franchises far cry. Consider silently taking out a guard, and then almost simultaneously throwing a knife at the neck of a nearby colleague. They’re not entirely original additions, and that fact resonates throughout the playthrough AC Mirage Consistently: We know the tricks, we know the controls, and as players of the previous installments, we all already know how it works.

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What I like most about it Doctrine killer – And far crySince these two franchises clearly have a lot in common, it’s completely invisible to sneak into a camp or building, eliminate the necessary guards and then run away without being seen. This element remains a constant for me, and it remains exciting to sneak around a corner or dive into a haystack at the right time once you’ve been noticed. However, it must be emphasized once again that the AI ​​is completely stupid and it remains childishly easy to monitor enemies’ paths – with the push of a button you can see all nearby enemies through walls. This also makes the use of Enkidu, the tame imperial eagle that you can use to map the environment, almost redundant. Enkidu can map multiple points of interest, but the fact that you can simply see through walls at all times puts a huge barrier on the difficulty level.

Add to this the still weak-minded security guards who do not hesitate to approach the whistling harvester with whole platoons and then happily allow themselves to be taken out one by one. There are different types of enemies, also depending on your ‘wanted level’, including of course the armored level. It’s hard to beat this bloated warrior in single combat, so what do we do? You can choose to hack him for minutes until he falls, or we run around a corner and climb a ladder and suddenly this fearsome warrior loses sight of us, “It must have been the wind,” and then you can reach a higher platform that he can make short work of with a single button.

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As you ride on your camel through a beautiful desert with the sun setting in the distance, from a sandy settlement on the way to an oasis to extract a secret document for some locals, while taking a refreshing swim and an upgrade brings the materials together, it becomes clear that Ubisoft have mastered well how to create a visually engaging game that exudes… In the air. There is a day and night cycle and the sunrise and sunset in particular produce beautiful images where the photo mode, which is present of course, comes into its own. Bagdad itself also looks very beautiful, and in this respect it is simply a clear and successful development of what Desmond Miles started sixteen years ago.

And it’s also not bad that our French friends are once again implementing the necessary history lessons with the History of Baghdad feature, an extensive manuscript that provides historical context for sites, objects, activities and personalities. Bassem visits a total of 66 historical sites in Baghdad and finds educational documents on five different categories: economics, faith and daily life, government, arts, and sciences. The linked images come directly from real museums such as the Shangri-La Museum in Hawaii and images of artifacts from Al-Khalili’s collections.

It’s advice that’s been given time and time again, but also… Assassin’s Creed Mirage It’s one hell of a game if you’re a fan of the series and don’t shy away from more of the same, welcome it. It’s a game for you if you miss the essence of the franchise, e.g Fighting the Brotherhood’s ideology, And if you’re okay with making some minor tweaks and improvements, but don’t want to make too many tweaks to the basics. Climbing tall towers with great ease to “sync” the environment, performing Robin Hood-like tasks for the locals, infiltrating vast unseen complexes and of course delivering the elegant death blow to your arch enemies, that’s what we do at assassin’s creed mirage, The thousandth part of the series of games that we already know inside out.