July 20, 2024

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Barcelona Restaurant offers customers space for a nap in the ‘Nappuccino Corner’

Barcelona Restaurant offers customers space for a nap in the ‘Nappuccino Corner’

Barcelona – Who hasn’t thought of taking a nap or at least closing their eyes and resting after a good meal in a restaurant? This is exactly what Lobster Roll Barcelona has created for its customers who want to enjoy. If, after eating, the guest wants, for example, a roll of seafood, star dish at home, he can lie down in the bedroom to take a nap. This may take up to an hour and is for single use only. Restaurant manager Xiaoyong Chi explains that “the booth cannot be shared under any circumstances.”

Lobster Roll Barcelona opened its doors last June (2022). In addition to the restaurant’s mandatory tables and chairs, you’ll find Nappuccino Corner Where are the napping booths. In addition to the necessary mattress, there are also other things for comfort, such as sockets, light, etc.

When the restaurant managers rented the place, the property was there Boxes The. These belong to the cafe that was first in the room. This cafe had a similar idea. A cafe where you can rest. The café owners have transformed the space into this miniature franchise (Nappuccino’s Corner) that is now seeing its first try of the model at Barcelona’s Lobster Roll.

We were able to take advantage of it. We are fine with the owners Nappuccino And we established this franchise in Spain with them. We are the first. Tourists usually use it a lot for rest. Che says.

Although the ‘hold’ is an hour long, we sometimes allow people to lie a little longer when it’s calm. This can be fifteen minutes or half an hour depending on the number of people and whether there is a line as it is intended for sharing so that everyone can use it. We don’t want anyone to take advantage of it and stay inside all the time. “Above all, the use of dates is prohibited, and individual use is the only option,” Che affirms.

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The manager explains that it is foreigners who use the Spanish concept of napping a lot. “This is because they walk around Barcelona all day, come here hungry, then have some food and then want to rest. They are so grateful to have the opportunity.” Che said.

Since its opening, after the first wave of curious visitors, it has already attracted a steady number of clients, including employees from nearby offices and those living outside Barcelona. They often have to get up early to get to the office. On their lunch break, they eat here and then, before returning to work, they take a moment to rest.

Food is also important of course and in this respect Lobster Roll is a specialty restaurant. The menu mainly focuses on dishes eaten on the coast of the United States. Their seafood sandwich, made entirely homemade, is not sold in any other restaurant in town.