September 27, 2023

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Beyonce’s mother hits thieves on the floor: thieves steal a million cash |  celebrities

Beyonce’s mother hits thieves on the floor: thieves steal a million cash | celebrities

celebritiesTina Knowles, 69, Beyoncé’s mother, was less amused. The mother of the world star was visited by two thieves. According to the American “TMZ”, the thieves stole more than a million dollars (about 911,619 euros).

In addition, more were said to have been stolen. ‘TMZ’ agents reported last Sunday that thieves took an entire locker. In addition to a lot of cash, there was in security Also many precious jewels.

Not the first time

The robbery itself was discovered last Wednesday. One of Tina Knowles’ associates notices that the safe is missing. Beyoncé’s mother, who has been seen at her daughter’s parties in recent weeks, was not present at the time of the robbery. There is no trace of the thieves themselves. The Los Angeles Police Department has launched an investigation. They also questioned some of Knowles’ neighbors.

This is not the first time that Beyoncé’s mother has been a victim of such practices. A few months ago, officers arrested a man after he damaged Knowles’ home. The person in question threw rocks at Tina Knowles’ mailbox. The officers managed to arrest the man at that time. According to eyewitnesses, he behaved strangely. As a result, he was temporarily admitted to a psychiatric institution. Knowles herself, in turn, refused to file a complaint.

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