December 7, 2023

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Big drama at OpenAI with the unexpected resignation of CEO Sam Altman

Big drama at OpenAI with the unexpected resignation of CEO Sam Altman

Not only the firing of Altman himself, but also the revealing words with which the OpenAI board issued this statement on Friday caused dismay throughout the technology world. These words are unusually harsh: “The Board no longer has confidence in his ability to continue to lead OpenAI.”

According to the same statement, Altman “was not always frank” in his communications with the board, which “hindered the exercise of his responsibilities.” The founder (partner), posters and CEO were unceremoniously fired, exactly one year after introducing the world to ChatGPT.

There was no sign of his departure. This week, Altman has been in the spotlight several times with public appearances. Employees and former employees of OpenAI were reportedly shocked following the news released on Friday New York times.

Co-founder and board member Greg Brockman was also completely overwhelmed. A few hours after the news broke, Brockman also announced his departure from the company he helped found in 2015. Several other prominent figures were also bid farewell, making analysts wonder about the future of the leading artificial intelligence company.

According to Brockman, things suddenly moved very quickly on Friday. Altman received a text message asking him to join a video meeting. There, another co-founder (Ilya Sutskever) told him that he had been fired and that the company would issue an explanation shortly thereafter. Brockman himself was not present at this meeting and knew nothing about it at the time.

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The board’s rhetoric accompanying the dismissal is as harsh as it is vague, which is what started the massive speculation. According to the news agency Bloomberg Sutskever may disagree with Altman on the safety of the products and their recent speed to market. He writes that suspicions of insecurity also exist among some OpenAI employees the information. And Altman’s plans to create a separate chip division won’t be well received everywhere within the company.

The palace revolt is not only a sore issue for Altman himself, but also for OpenAI. The company put itself on the map in November last year with the public launch of ChatGPT, which now has hundreds of millions of users. This immediately made OpenAI the world’s leading AI company, forcing Google and Meta, among others, to follow suit.

Altman has become the face of the entire AI industry and has visited politicians at home and abroad to share his views on AI. Like other Silicon Valley tech entrepreneurs, Altman is driven by a combination of arrogance and existential fear of artificial intelligence. Altman belongs to the group of thinkers and entrepreneurs who are convinced that artificial intelligence will outperform humans in all areas (AI, artificial general intelligence), with all the risks associated with it. At the same time, he also believes that artificial intelligence will bring a lot of good to humanity.

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