June 20, 2024

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Birthday Princess Elizabeth receives a call from King Philip

Birthday Princess Elizabeth receives a call from King Philip

Elizabeth. © Royal Palace / Bas Bogarts

King Philip (61) called Princess Elizabeth to wish her a happy birthday. The eldest of his four children, who no longer lives at home but in Oxford, England, turned 20 on Monday. The king himself arrived in Denmark on a working visit.

Wim Dehandschtter in Copenhagen

It was clear that Princess Elizabeth could not celebrate her twentieth birthday with her parents, brothers and sister. She has been living in England for a month, where she began studying at Lincoln College, University of Oxford.

On Monday, the Royal Palace celebrated her birthday New picture of the crown prince Free, which was taken in Oxford. They have not made any statements about how Elizabeth will celebrate that special day for her. This seems to be part of her private life.

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It was a school day for Elizabeth anyway – she’s studying history and politics at Lincoln College. Perhaps she was celebrating her birthday on a small scale with her fellow students on Monday evening. All freshmen at Lincoln College are housed together in one building. They eat together and also have a common room, where they can talk in groups, watch TV, play board games or do other activities.

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Her father, King Philip, who left for Denmark on a business visit on Monday afternoon, could tell something more. On the plane to Copenhagen, he told reporters traveling with him that he had called his daughter for his birthday. He added that Elizabeth already feels at home in Oxford and is also very happy there. Finally, he showed himself as a proud father by announcing that his eldest daughter had come a long way in life.

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Philip left for Copenhagen Monday afternoon from Millsbruck Military Airport.

Philip left for Copenhagen Monday afternoon from Millsbruck Military Airport. © BELGA

Philip will be in Copenhagen for the next three days to learn about the Danish labor market and their training policy. He is accompanied by several politicians, including the Flemish Minister of Economy and Work Hilde Crevits (CD&V). The Belgian delegation wants to learn from the Danes, who have implemented various reforms over the past 10 years to get as many people as possible at work.