July 20, 2024

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Bitcoin will convert the US dollar

Bitcoin will convert the US dollar

In a recent controversy on Twitter, Jack Dorsey, Black’s current CEO and former Twitter CEO, told superstar Cardi Pi that he believes Bitcoin will convert the dollar.

We have known for some time that Dorsey is a big supporter of bitcoin, but recently he has become more and more involved in the debate, describing himself as a true bitcoin fanatic. Bitcoin is a billionaire with great influence in the tech world 100 percent behind, which is pretty good to be true.

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Bitcoin will convert the dollar

Podcaster and Bitcoin journalist Dennis Porter could not help but comment on the connection between Dorsey and Cardi B: “If you told me in 2017 that a billionaire and pop star would discuss the Bitcoin dollar, I would have trusted you because it is Bitcoin. Inevitably,” Porter said.

= https: //twitter.com/Dennis_Porter_/status/1473112759793451011 “data-service =” twitter “>

After Dorsey stepped down as Twitter’s CEO in late November, Squire announced that he would continue as Black. The multi-billion dollar paying provider clearly shows where the company‚Äôs priorities are in the years to come.

Dorsey seems to be pursuing his dream of focusing on Bitcoin full time and supporting what he considers to be the most important project of his life. That’s a good thing as far as we are concerned.

Dorsey tries to focus on bitcoin

In another tweet today, Dorsey criticized the “web3” ecosystem as being promoted by venture investors and others as the future of the Internet. Often refers to Ethereum and other ‘bitcoin competing’ sites.

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= https: //twitter.com/jack/status/1473161753106210823 “data-service =” twitter “>

According to Dorsey, it is important to focus on truly secure, flexible and mass-owned technology. He notes that he believes this does not apply to Ethereum and other blockchains operating on the same market as Bitcoin.

Someone with a track record in the world of technology, until recently, could actually achieve something with those who allowed themselves to be deceived by the subtle marketing talk of advertisers on such sites. The big thing is that Elon Musk jumped right in.

= https: //twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1473165434518224896 “data-service =” twitter “>

To which Dorsey replied that it must be floating somewhere between ‘a and z’. Both men refer to it as nonsense and Dorsey in particular mentions in his texts that it is a diversion from what it really is: bitcoin.