September 21, 2023

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BMW Vision Neue Klasse looks to the new generation of electric vehicles

BMW Vision Neue Klasse looks to the new generation of electric vehicles

The most prominent features of the new BMW Series vision

  • The concept car introduces a new design language
  • Concrete preview of the electric vehicle in series part 3
  • “30 percent more range, 30 percent faster charging”
  • It introduces the successor to iDrive

“BMW is reinventing itself,” BMW headlines the message that makes the Vision Neue Class public. The Germans thus emphasize what the concept car symbolizes: the future of the brand. In BMW’s future you will find many electrified models, but also a completely new design language.

New row: sincere electrical

Anyone who walks into a BMW showroom while looking for a new electric vehicle will encounter a wide range of electric vehicles. From iX1 to iX3 and from i4 and i7 to iX. The first four are electric versions of models that you can also get with combustion engines. Although the iX is only available with electric motors, the car shares its base with models also available with petrol and diesel engines. The Germans firmly believe in what they do The power of choice To call. In Munich, they are also interested in a modular platform developed specifically for electric cars. This will happen in approximately 2025. BMW’s modular EV platform will serve as the foundation for cars under the brand. New row scissors. This name is of course a reference to the model series of the same name from the 1960s and 1970s, and two Neue Klasse models have already been announced: an electric sedan in the 3 Series range and a “SUV”. The Vision Neue Klasse clearly looks to the former, but it also broadly delivers on what you’d expect from other Neue Klassees in terms of design and technology.

In China, BMW already sells an electric version of the 3 Series: the i3.

BMW could really use an electric sedan in the 3 Series segment in Europe. In China, BMW sells an electric i3 version of the current 3 Series, but it’s not available here. The European electric equivalent of the 3 Series would be a direct answer to the Tesla Model 3 in Europe – even more so than the i4.

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The BMW Vision Neue Class is based on the i Vision Dee model that the brand presented in January this year during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. In fact, not much has changed over the past eight months. The Vision Neue Klasse painted in Joyeus Bright should dispense with the flashy sticker work and garish color schemes of the i Vision Dee and is generally more realistic. The basic shape of the car remained unchanged, the front and rear were less stylized, and the Vision Neue Class was equipped with an interior.

BMW i Vision D

The Vision Neue Klasse is a more realistic version of the i Vision Dee

The silhouette of the BMW Vision Neue Class is interesting, to say the least. The car has a steep snout, which sinks deeper and deeper as you move forward and even leans forward slightly. The straight shoulder line naturally ends in a Hofmeister mesh. At least what catches the eye are the slightly sloping hips that the Series 5 already had. If you look through your eyelashes, you might see influences from the BMW E21 – the first 3 Series – in the design.

Anyone who isn’t a fan of the deep kidney grilles that BMW puts on its models can breathe easy. And while we can’t rule out that future BMWs will get this, we certainly don’t see any of that in this rather concrete vision of the future. The two components of what used to be a traditional web are spread over almost the entire width of the snout. The headlights are no longer on its sides, but are now part of it. BMW’s rounded and angular twin taillights give way to two diagonal LED lines. A BMW must be able to send signals to the outside world using its headlights and taillights. More than just lighting. BMW also promises wide-ranging visual welcome scenarios that also include lighting under the side windows. Help yourself.

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BMW Vision New Class

BMW Vision New Class

Just like the front of the Vision Neue Klasse, the back of this study model is also a more realistic version of the buttocks you saw on the back of the i Vision Dee. The taillights are high at the back – like the headlights – filled with diagonal LED lines. The back is noticeably devoid of artistic design ornaments.

Don’t you like Vision Neue Klasse? Then you probably won’t be a fan of future BMWs. BMW says the Vision Neue Class introduces a new design language for the brand. So you will see a lot of it again. BMW describes its new corporate identity as “[…] With large surfaces and few distinct lines pared down to the essence.” Less visual fuss.

Up to 30 percent greater range

What new BMW electric cars will be offering you soon? According to BMW, at least a lot more than current models. The brand says its future electric cars can charge 30 percent faster, have a 30 percent longer range, and are 25 percent more efficient. The new class of electric cars will have round battery cells with a 20 percent higher energy density than the cells they currently use.

BMW has not yet released more detailed technical information. We know that the Germans say they paid a lot of attention to keeping the car’s weight under control, to aerodynamics and battery heat management.

BMW Vision New Class

Good luck in your search for physical buttons.

Replace iDrive

Do you like pressing buttons or swiping sliders? Then just walk around the Vision Neue Klasse in a huge arc. BMW proudly declares that “[…] “Analog operation has been reduced to a minimum.” The interior is therefore almost completely devoid of push or rotary buttons. In the very simple interior we see a display in the center of the dashboard and on the steering wheel we encounter sensitive touch buttons. A lot doesn’t seem like there’s anything more. It really seems so.

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The BMW Panoramic Vision makes its debut in the Vision Neue Class. This means that the hardware and software displays information across the entire width of the windshield. The driver can transfer what is on the central screen to the “panoramic view” through a swipe gesture. The co-driver should also be able to see these forecasts. BMW Panoramic Vision will be an addition to the head-up display that the Neue Class cars are also equipped with.

BMW Vision New Class

BMW Vision New Class

The Vision Neue Klasse is designed not only to do without buttons, but also with leather or synthetic leather. The show car simply has cloth upholstery. The interior is further enhanced by extensive mood lighting. We also encounter a shiny lever inside to determine the direction of travel and there is a cubby in the middle tunnel where you can charge your phone. Since the two front seats are located on only one rail, rear passengers should benefit from extra legroom.

What do you think of the BMW Vision Neue Class and the new design language that BMW is introducing with it? Let us know in the comments!