September 21, 2023

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This sedan is the first BMW Neue Klasse to enter production

This sedan is the first BMW Neue Klasse to enter production

The title of this article is incorrect. Neue Klasse is a term that BMW also used for a series of models between 1962 and 1972. The term reapplies to the trademark. This sedan is the first model of the new series!

This is not a good marketing pitch. For example, a completely new platform for cars has been developed. Initially, a mid-size SUV and a sedan were planned. The sedan can start.

The first BMW of a new series

This study model, iVision Neue Klasse, is not like the iVision Dee shown previously, a structure that serves as a blank canvas to demonstrate new technologies.

This concept car charts the way for an actual production model. The body style of this sedan will go into production.

BMW iVision new series, future, sedan
(Image: BMW)

However, it is still a true concept car. For example, the side sills, bumper and diffuser are not colored to show that they are made of recycled materials.

BMW iVision new series, future, sedan
(Image: BMW)

What also attracts attention is the new interpretation of the kidney grille with the headlights integrated into it.

There is no clock panel

One of the important features of the Neue Klasses is the new BMW Panoramic View. This means that the car no longer has a clock panel, but the lower edge of the windshield is used as a head-up display.

BMW iVision new series, future, sedan
(Image: BMW)

Information related to music, navigation, calling or range can be seen in your window.

The Neue Klasse concept car still has a central display, although it may disappear in the future.

More efficient, but still BMW

Under the skin, the new BMWs have 25 percent greater efficiency, 30 percent greater range, and can charge 30 percent faster than current electric models.

The Volkswagen Passat is as comfortable as the Phaeton, according to VW

BMW promises that the new cars are fun to drive and that you can turn off all the bells and whistles with the push of a button in a special drive mode.

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