December 5, 2023

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Brave neighbors prevent the kidnapping of a 13-year-old girl and defeat the kidnapper |  outside

Brave neighbors prevent the kidnapping of a 13-year-old girl and defeat the kidnapper | outside

When they heard the screams of the little girl (13 years old) and fled outside, some residents of Malemort in southern France, between Nimes and Marseille, witnessed an attempted kidnapping. They did not hesitate for a moment to intervene and were able to neutralize the perpetrator and save the victim.


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10-23-03, 19:01

BFMTV, France 3, West France

The girl was riding her scooter on a bike path a few meters from her home on Wednesday when a man in a car stopped next to her and approached her. He asked her to get into his car. The teenager refused, so the man left and continued to insist.

He tried to kiss her and pull her away. The schoolgirl responded and screamed at the top of her voice, alerting the neighbors immediately. According to one of the neighbors interviewed by France 3, the teenager screamed loudly as she tried to escape: “He wants to kidnap me, he wants to kill me!”


“We heard screams for help,” Sebastian, a neighbor who participated in the rescue operation, told BFMTV. “When we came out, we saw a man trying to forcefully drag a girl away.”

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“The neighbors were able to neutralize him. He continued: “We surrounded him to prevent him from escaping, and then the police arrived.”

The suspect was immediately arrested and transferred to pretrial detention. The 25-year-old also lives in Malemort and has no criminal record, according to French media.


The young victim is shocked. “She is in shock,” her mother Siham told BFMTV. “She doesn’t want to go out anymore, she doesn’t want to do any activities.” The girl receives psychological help.

The suspect is also said to have behaved inappropriately towards two other underage girls the day before. The man must now undergo a psychological examination.

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