December 3, 2023

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Britney Spears’ mother starts working as a temporary teacher to pay off her $660,000 debt  celebrities

Britney Spears’ mother starts working as a temporary teacher to pay off her $660,000 debt celebrities

“She is struggling to pay her bills, but she has already taught some classes in elementary school,” a source close to Spears’ family said. Education is not uncharted territory for Lynn, because before Britney was born she was also teaching education.

According to the source, Lin still has $660,000 in outstanding attorney fees that will not be paid. These costs arise from Britney’s conservatorship lawsuit, in which Lynn also had to hire lawyers to defend her side of the story. For this reason, Lynn saw it as Britney’s mission to raise the $660,000, especially since the singer had regained control of her finances. Something that strained the relationship between mother and daughter. Britney claimed she had already spent nearly $1.7 billion on her mother, with Lynn even being allowed to “live in a big, luxurious house of my own for ten years.”

It has long been known that Britney and her mother are no longer on good terms. Britney accused her family and entourage of controlling her life and enriching themselves during the thirteen years that her father was appointed administrator. Mother Lynn also received harsh criticism from the “Toxic” singer: In an audio recording of at least 22 minutes, Britney claimed that her parents “orchestrated” a conspiracy to control her finances and the singer accused her mother of cheating on social media. .

A few months ago it seemed that the two would reconcile. But since Britney’s split from ex-partner Sam Asghari, the pop star has cut ties with her family once again.

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