December 6, 2023

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Katy Perry demands millions of dollars from an elderly man who “accidentally” sold her his house |  celebrities

Katy Perry demands millions of dollars from an elderly man who “accidentally” sold her his house | celebrities

celebritiesA few years ago, Katy Perry (38), who was in her last month of pregnancy, thought she had found the ultimate love nest for her family with Orlando Bloom (46) in Montecito, California. Three years later, she is demanding more than $5 million because she still has not acted. The home’s previous owner, 84-year-old veteran Carl Westcott, wants to cancel the sale. “I took heavy painkillers after back surgery. It was a mistake.”

Even before the birth of their daughter Daisy Dove, Katy Perry and fiancé Orlando Bloom had their eyes on a chic villa in California. Perry soon saw the whole picture. “This will be our family home and the best place to raise our daughter,” she wrote in a letter to then-owner Carl Westcott. The veteran had only been living in the mansion for two months when he agreed to sell the house to Perry and Bloom for €3.5 million plus the purchase price.

Three years later, the family still does not live on the property. The singer and actor are now demanding €2.5 million in rent they missed. They have even gone further, as they also want €2.5 million in compensation, among other things, to maintain another home while they wait to move to Montecito.

Westcott’s elderly lawyers were astonished by this. They say the “Firework” singer never before said anything about renting out the house, in fact, Katy allegedly claimed under oath in April that she never intended to rent out the house. She also admitted that she also owns three other homes in Santa Barbara, which she sometimes visits “for fun” or just “on the weekend.”

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When Westcott signed the deal on July 15, 2020, he was in poor health, according to his attorney. “The combination of his age, weakness resulting from his back surgery, and the painkillers he takes several times a day rendered Mr. Westcott incompetent,” his lawyers said. Perry and Bloom’s attorneys ignored the veteran’s plea and days later wrote him a letter warning that they would sue him if he did not give up the house. Now the couple are demanding more than €5 million from the confused elderly man.

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