March 24, 2023

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Call from the Pro League to definitely wear mouth masks on the field

Call from the Pro League to definitely wear mouth masks on the field

“If fans want to continue to follow matches in the stadium, they should respect the mouth mask rule.” FIFPro made this appeal to Belgian football fans on Monday. On Tuesday during the cup match between Syring and Anderlecht, that call partly fell on deaf ears.

Unlike, for example, the Netherlands or Bayern Munich matches at home, Belgian football fans are allowed to continue cheering their favorite team on the field. Although there are two conditions: they must show a Covid Safe Ticket (CST) and wear a mouth mask at the stadium.

The second measure was not well noted everywhere last weekend. That’s why the Pro League launched an additional appeal on Monday to pressure fans to take responsibility. “It’s a collective responsibility, but the fans need to realize that in the current situation, playing football is not something that can be taken for granted. No club wants empty stadiums anymore. Clubs are still taking the damage from last season. So who wants to help their club? He wears a mouth mask.”

In the stands of Le Pairy of Seraing we saw many mouth masks on Tuesday night in the cup match against Anderlecht, but unfortunately there were still large numbers of fans who ignored the invitation of the Pro League.

“The Pro League is looking at how stricter measures can be taken and mouth mask adherence can be followed more rigorously. The Pro League on Monday warned of penalties for violators such as individual disqualification.

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