December 9, 2022

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Can artificial photosynthesis be used to produce energy?

Can artificial photosynthesis be used to produce energy?

A team of six scientists at the University of Chicago have devised a way to make artificial photosynthesis more productive.

Why is this important?

Humans have been using fossil fuels for centuries to keep the economic engine running. But supply is not limitless and its use is also harmful to the climate. For this reason, new ways of generating energy must be invented.

the essence: A study published Thursday in the peer-reviewed journal stimulating nature Describes a process for creating artificial photosynthesis that is an order of magnitude more productive than current systems.

  • In nature, plants are used Photosynthesis to gain energy. Sunlight is used to convert water and carbon dioxide into glucose, releasing oxygen gas as a byproduct.
  • Scientists have been trying to study this process for decades

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