December 5, 2023

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Can you provide a private charging station for a fee?  “In principle yes, but there are some loopholes.”  car

Can you provide a private charging station for a fee? “In principle yes, but there are some loopholes.” car

LiviusElectric driving includes electric cars and therefore also smart electric charging stations. The question that many people logically ask themselves is: What about surpluses? Can you sell the surplus electricity generated? Is there already legislation for this? Livios construction site Shows you the ropes.

Theory versus practice

Purely in theory, it is entirely possible to make a private charging station available to the public for a fee. But in practice, it’s much more complicated. “In principle, the electricity generated from smart charging stations can also be sold between individuals,” explains Jochen De Smet, President of EV Belgium. “However, there are some loopholes. For example, you usually need a supply permit to sell electricity. Grid operators Engie and Fluvius, for example, have this.”

“In addition, there are many matters that have not yet been legally finalized. For example, there is no consensus yet on whether value-added tax should be imposed, and what percentage this rate should be.

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Supporter of electricity trading between individuals

The head of the EVB stated that he is not against the private sale of electricity: “I would like to clarify that we see potential in trade between individuals, but not in every form, and there must be a clear legal framework. We see many other future options that we support. Think about the production and sale of energy Together, so families can work collectively as an energy community.

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There is no correct legislative framework

According to De Smet, the reason why the Energy Communities framework is not currently working optimally is quite clear: “You actually have to pay twice. The individual pays for the injection on the one hand, but also taxes and grid prices on the other hand. So it is not currently profitable. In “We saw that this is possible, but there is no appropriate legal framework that allows it to be flexible. Therefore, it is not recommended to sell energy in this way.”

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Better alternative?

What will EV Belgium fans like? “Currently we are more likely to see music in public domains and semi-public charging. There is no longer a shortage of smart charging stations in our country: the integration of a system in which one individual sells electricity to another individual seems unnecessary to us.

What exactly is semi-public charging? This charging installation is open to the public, but is located on private property. An example is a company or store parking lot.

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