October 3, 2023

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Champion of Antwerp!  Alderweireld shoots the Great Old to the title after Crazy Rollercoaster |  Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

Champion of Antwerp! Alderweireld shoots the Great Old to the title after Crazy Rollercoaster | Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

  1. 45 + 1′ – goal – Tolualas Emmanuel Arukudari (1-0)
  1. 90 + 7′ – Yellow 2 – Michel-Ange Baliquecha
  2. 90 + 4′ – goal – Toby Alderweireld (2-2)
  3. 90′ – Follow Gerano Church by Christopher Scott
  4. 86′ – Bilal Al-Khanous continued to Lyra Sur
  5. 78′ – Mandela continued Keita to Hassan Youssef
  6. 78′ – Tolualas continues Emmanuel Arukudari by Mbwana Samata
  7. 75′ – GOAL – Brian Heinen (2-1)
  8. 71′ – continued Jürgen Eckelenkamp to Arbenur Moga
  9. 71′ – Carlos Cuesta continues through Aziz Ouattara Mohamed
  10. 69′ – Yellow – Josef Paintsil
  11. 65′ – Yellow – Michel Ange Palekuecha
  12. 58′ – goal – Gerano Church (1-1)
  13. 47 ‘ – Yellow – Gerano Church

Antwerp is the heroine after an unexpected roller coaster on the last day. Fifteen minutes from time the Great Old looked buried, but some help from Club Brugge and Toby Alderweireld’s dream goal took the number one to seventh heaven and a historic double.

Genk – Antwerp in a nutshell:

  • Key moment: The most important goal of his career. no doubt. Toby Alderweireld saved the best for last. In the 94th minute, the captain forcefully cleaned the leather in the box. A cherished moment for Mega Toby.
  • man of the match Avila was packed full of Josef Paintsil who was very energetic and made it difficult for the Antwerp defense every time. But then did Toby Alderweireld shooting the great old man into a delirium.
  • distinct: Genk, Union, Genk and then Antwerp. The three teams that could still win the title were almost in the lead at one point. After a stunning finale, the dime fell to the Antwerp side.

  1. Second half, 98th minute, the game is over
  2. Second half, 97th minute. Antwerp is the champion of Belgium! They succeeded after all: The Great Old is Belgium’s champions again after 66 years after a stunning finale in the final round of the match. Genk had been on their way to winning the national title for a long time until Alderweireld pulled the hammer. & nbsp; .
  3. Second yellow card for Michel-Ange Balikuesha of Antwerp during the second half, 97th minute
  4. Second half, 94th minute. Alderweireld scores 2-2! What a goal! What a moment! In overtime, Toby Alderweireld pulls the trigger and hammers leather hard into the snag. Great goal. The address is now for Antwerp. .
  5. Goal during the second half, 94th minute by Toby Alderweireld of Antwerp. 2, 2.
  6. Second half, 90th minute. Can Antwerp still win the title? It takes six minutes to do this. Meanwhile in Dudenpark: Noa Lang makes it 1-2. The union looks exhausted. Then there were still two of them. .
  7. Second half, 90 minutes. Substitution in Antwerp, Christopher Scott in, Gerano Kirk out
  8. Second half, 88th minute. The club equalized! Club Brugge scored in the 89th minute, which meant a draw. It’s a goal with huge consequences because Genk are now top of the title. Please note: if Antwerp scores once, the cup will go to Deurne-Noord. & nbsp; .
  9. Second half, 86th minute. Substitution in KRC Genk, Yera Sur inside, Bilal Al Khanous exit
  10. Second half, 85th minute. It’s not a Vincent Jansen evening at the moment. Balikwisha sets the skin aside for his attacker, who kicks over Vandevoordt’s cage. The Dutchman really did it better. & nbsp; .
  11. Second half, minute 82. Vitosha Sofia. Antwerp is gradually in need of a Vitosha Sophia-style miracle. With just over ten minutes remaining Great Old should score twice. Will that continue to work in the final finale? .
  12. Second half, 81st minute.
  13. Second half, minute 78. Substitution in Antwerp, Hassan Youssef inside, Mandela Keita out
  14. Second half, 78th minute. Substituted in KRC Genk, Mbwana Samatta inside, Toluwalase Emmanuel Arokodare outside
  15. Second half, 77th minute.
  16. Second half, 75th minute. Heynen kicks in, 2-1! The world suddenly looks very different for Antwerp. After a cross, Trésor can re-leather well so Heynen gets a chance to kick: 2-1. The Great Old needs two goals again. & nbsp; .
  17. Goal during the second half, 75th minute by Brian Heinen of KRC Genk. 2, 1.
  18. Second half, min. 71. Substitution in Antwerp, Arbenur Moga, Jurgen Ekelenkamp out
  19. Second half, minute 71. Substitution in KRC Genk, Aziz Ouattara Mohamed in, Carlos Cuesta out
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