April 1, 2023

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Chasing ‘The Crown’: an upcoming novel series about the love between Máxima and Willem-Alexander | Property

The series will be titled “Máxima” and will be Videoland’s most expensive series ever. The creators of the fantasy series have been busy making the necessary preparations for months. For example, they conducted eight months of research from a building on Keizersgracht in Amsterdam. Maxima will be played by a young Argentine actress. Martijn Lakemeier then takes over the role of Willem-Alexander. Producers can also count on the necessary expertise. The head of RTL, Pieter van der Voorst, a former correspondent for the royal family, in turn, for example, is actively involved in the series, which is supposed to appear on the Internet next year.

Filming for the series will begin in June. Moreover, the scenes will not only be filmed in the Netherlands, but also in Argentina and New York, the city where Máxima lived when she met Prince Willem-Alexander. So in “Máxima”, Chaves and Lakemeier imitate that budding love affair. Furthermore, focus is also placed on the young life of Máxima. Presumably – just like “The Crown” – the disclaimer will also appear on screen. By this, the filmmakers want to make it clear that this is a matter of “imaginary play”. There’s no release date yet, but fans shouldn’t expect the first episode before 2024.

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