March 25, 2023

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Angela Schijf and Tom Van Landuyt’s mansion sold for “highest price”: “It is important that buyers are as fond of it as they were” (Antwerp)


In January, the mansion of the acting couple Angela Schegff and Tom van Landuyt in Antwerp Harmonifik was sold. The asking price is 1.4 million euros. Two months later, ERA Stadsgoed announced on its Instagram page that the home had been sold.

in the picture. Angela Schijff and Tom van Landuyt put up a mansion in Antwerp for sale for 1.4 million euros

Estate agent Philip van Bellingen of ERA Stadsgoed is not authorized to say whether the house on Isabella Brantstraat has also sold for the asking price. “Mr. and Mrs. have got a great prize for it. The site is also nice and if a property is offered for sale there, it is quite desirable.”

The couple lived with their three daughters in a hundred-year-old mansion of 468 square meters. The completely renovated home has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, games room, hobby room, office, semi open plan kitchen and garden.

According to Van Bellinghen, the actor’s couple’s estate was really very popular. “There were many strong candidates, but Mr. Van Landuyt and Mrs. Schijff agreed with one who loved the building just as much as they did. That was a condition, because they are emotionally attached to the house. The buyer had to feel a click on the property.”

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