July 20, 2024

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Metejoor now also has its own line of clothing: “I’ll wear a tracksuit at home a lot” (Fusilar)

Metejoor now also has its own line of clothing: “I’ll wear a tracksuit at home a lot” (Fusilar)

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Not only did singer Metegor have another big hit, but he’s now also recording for the clothing store. Fosilar’s favorite presented his RAVØTT x METEJOOR clothing collection at the e5 show in Zoersel on Thursday. “And saying that not so long ago, fashionable clothes didn’t interest me at all,” he says with a laugh.

Something for every man. Trousers, shirts, shirts… The men’s summer collection consists of eighteen items. The collection is unique to e5 because the series has never before entered into a celebrity collaboration. The pieces can be incorporated into an urban look or casual wear for leisure. “In recent years, I have often said that I would never dare or do certain things,” says Joris Van Rossem. “Not so long ago I didn’t even dare to appear on stage as a singer. Or enter a dance competition. Never in my life (Co-editor on “Dancing With the Stars,” ed.)! And now this again. I have never been so interested in clothes. I couldn’t even bring myself to walk into a clothing store. A while ago, I got a Facebook memory from six years ago. In that photo I was wearing exactly the same outfit as I saw that memory. Just to say… When I’m at home, I often choose the same easy-going sweatpants.” We remind Joris with a video in which Jani Kazaltzis checks out his closet. “He really made fun of me. There were many don’t in (He laughs). “

“I didn’t like clothes very much. I couldn’t even bring myself to walk into a clothing store.”


Since launching his career in the music world as Metejoor, Joris has regularly had to deal with people who know a thing or two about clothes. “I used to remember that regularly you did not He was to perform in the same tight-fitting white T-shirt for the umpteenth time. This got me thinking. For the first time I stepped out of my comfort zone and wore things I would never have worn before. I also got to know people who own clothing stores and they want to put me in the new. In the end I thought it would be cool to wear something different. It can be more personal on stage, something you might not wear at home.”

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Not long after, Joris was asked if he would like to put together his own clothing line. “I let that sink in first. After all, how many well-known Flemish people actually have a clothing collection? I didn’t want to be the millennial. But I learned not to always think about what people might think.”

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Joris accepted the challenge and created Items in collaboration with e5. “During brainstorming sessions, we always went back to pastels. I would love to see that the collection also had to radiate myself. So there are T-shirts and shorts for the summer. I wear this a lot myself. It also comes with a tracksuit. I already know I’m going to wear a suit.” My own gym when I’m home.”

eye opener

Joris looks at the project with satisfaction. “It was an eye opener. In Flanders we don’t often dare say straight when something isn’t pretty. Lately I often work with the Dutch and they are more direct. I learned to open my mouth. That worked well during those sessions With e5. I often say right away if something is good or less. They thought that was good, so the designers could estimate what I wanted.”

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The singer says that he is looking forward to the moment when he will meet someone on the street who will wear things from his collection. “I think this will be a special moment. I wonder who will be wearing my clothes.”

The collection will be available from March 17th in e5 stores and beyond e5.be.