July 22, 2024

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Digital Diving Flanders immerses himself in the digital world

Digital Diving Flanders immerses himself in the digital world

Find out all about AI, phishing, digital wellness, and more

He will be on tour for seven weeks Digital diving throughout the country. The event stops with different activities in Mechelen, Hasselt, Ostend, Brussels, Leuven, Bruges and Antwerp. Telenet experts answer questions, offer personal advice, and dive into many digital topics. These are highlighted in group sessions with Bart Verbeek, Kim DeBry, Sally Haidara and others. These are the topics:

  • PhishingHow can you protect yourself online?
  • Digital balanceHow do you monitor your digital well-being?
  • The Internet has been decodedWhat are the capabilities of 4G, 5G, fiber and other aspects of versatile Internet?
  • Amnesty InternationalHow can artificial intelligence make your life easier?

Radio2, VRT 1 and MNM also delve into digital inclusion during their digital dive.

Deejay Helpers – Radio 2

Radio2 is organizing a campaign in the week of April 22 aiming to encourage Flemish people to become digital assistants. You'll hear from Xavier Taveirne about this from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. WinWin, everyone Digihelper . It will be a program full of fascinating facts. Reporter Kim DeBree goes with him SOS Chem The listener visits with a digital question and reports online about the start Digital diving In Mechelen. Radio2 Spits provides three live broadcasts from Digital diving In Hasselt.

Generation M – MNM

MNM organizes at least one session every week on youth and digital inclusion, under the supervision of a specialist. Telenet experts are also joining the table. Among others, sexting with Lotte Vanwezemael, phishing with Xavier Taveirne, and fake news with Dorien Vanmeldert are discussed. The session is always held on Digital diving It can be viewed later on VRT MAX. The evening's Generation M podcast will delve into the topic of the session.

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Everybody's Famous – VRT 1

In the daily programme Everyone is famousTwo candidates each solve a daily challenge. One candidate is good with digital technology, while the other candidate has to do it differently.

the Digital Dive: As of April 15, four days a week in various Flemish cities and Brussels. The full program is available www.digitalediep.be