November 29, 2023

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Don’t wait for Black Friday: You can get 15 black handbags now at a huge discount |  Nina

Don’t wait for Black Friday: You can get 15 black handbags now at a huge discount | Nina

Black Friday is right around the corner, but you don’t have to wait until Friday to get the best deals. You can now buy your new favorite black bag at a huge discount. Fifteen bags for bargain hunters.

small and beautiful

Top handle bags continue to work well. It’s a little more elegant than a crossbody bag and is wonderfully timeless. With black you can go in any direction. Do you prefer to place your bag around your chest or shoulder? Bags with gold and silver chains are among the most popular bags this season. You can score additional bonus points with a duplicate Faux crocodile leather. Another trend this fall. Five deals to score.

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1. Mildred Van GeesAnd now 87.50 euros instead of 125 euros.
2. La Redoute polished handbagNow €32.99 instead of €54.99.
3. Neo Noir Croco from the Swedish company IdealNow €50 instead of €99.99.
4. Cheese by Leah BeesonAnd now 44.70 euros instead of 149 euros.
5. “Monte Viso” by Pia SassiAnd now 62.70 euros instead of 209 euros.

XL is versatile

A bag that fits all your belongings: it is every woman’s dream. Whether you’re heading to the office, on a restaurant date, or working out at the gym: the XL Shoulder Bag is a true all-around bag. Always beautiful in black leather, and even more beautiful at a reasonable price.

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1. Vinci by Luca BaldiAnd now 98.70 euros instead of 329 euros.
2. Alicia by Mia TomazziNow €89.70 instead of €299.
3. Tommy Hilfiger handbagAnd now 74 euros instead of 149.90 euros.
4. Blue Wilford bagNow 59 euros instead of 279 euros.
5. AARNA HS from Hot SauceNow €89.99 instead of €189.99.

Bold and beautiful

You may not be able to pull it out of your closet every day, but a party-friendly handbag should definitely not be missing from your collection. Black color looks good with other Little black dress As is the case with colorful party wear. I don’t mind a little bling bling. This fall, accessories can definitely make a statement. From bags in unconventional shapes — think Chanel’s “football bag” — to studs, bows and glitter: the choice is yours.

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1. ABEND MINYA by FainaNow €79.99 instead of €169.95.
2. Minnie Intent by Ted BakerAnd now 101 euros instead of 145 euros.
3. Monte Lessima directed by Pia SassiNow €37.90 instead of €219.
4. “Monte Serenity” by Pia SassiAnd now 46.90 euros instead of 229 euros.
5. IKKS handbagAnd now 34.30 euros instead of 49 euros.

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