September 21, 2023

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Eat garlic without smelling garlic?  Then do this!

Eat garlic without smelling garlic? Then do this!

If you just found a delicious garlic recipe, you will feel a sharp taste in your mouth after eating it. And then try getting rid of your garlic breath. It turns out we’ve been using garlic incorrectly all our lives! When you add it to your plate this way, you won’t have any bad breath.

Do you suffer from bad smelling hands after cooking with garlic? That’s how you get rid of it!

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We don’t hide our love for garlic. The strong taste makes us dream of Italy for a moment. Especially if you use the flavor enhancer in this delicious burrata pasta recipe. But why do you never suffer from bad breath while on holiday in this southern European country, but do at home? Because you are actually using garlic cloves in the wrong way.

In any case, do not use a garlic press

Do you always use a garlic press to crush a clove of garlic? You really don’t want to do it anymore. From now on, we will ban all presses, because this daily device is responsible for that terrible sharp taste in your mouth that you cannot get rid of.

It might be nice and quick to cut your toe in the press, but it’s not good for the taste of the dish. Because the garlic clove is crushed, the taste becomes more intense. Chef Anthony Bourdain once said, “I don’t know what nonsense that stuff is, but it’s not garlic.” correct. Culinary journalist Elizabeth David is also not happy about pressing garlic. “Squeezing garlic juice does not reduce its effectiveness, but rather concentrates it and enhances its aroma.”

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The chemical reaction causes the garlic odor

Let’s dive into the theory, why is pressing garlic so bad? It looks like this: Garlic (just like onions) belongs to the Alliumaceae family. These plants store fructose (sugar) in their leaves. This is also the reason why garlic becomes nice and sweet when roasted.

But when you press it, the plant senses the attack and releases a chemical that causes the sharp taste. But don’t worry, this substance is not harmful, reports say Delicious magazine. This also explains why our eyes start watering when we cut onions!

This way you will not suffer from the smell of garlic

When you chop or squeeze garlic, you suffer from the unpleasant smell of garlic, but what is the best way to use garlic in your dish? By crushing a clove of garlic! Italians have been using this trick for years, and when they do, you know it’s done right. Crush the toe with the flat side of your knife and add it to the pan. GENTLE ALSO: By crushing garlic, it burns less quickly, so you won’t get a bitter aftertaste in your dish.

Are you in a hurry and are you secretly using a garlic press? Then bite into a piece of raw apple to get rid of the taste as quickly as possible. Now let’s go back to the kitchen.