September 21, 2023

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Efficient Racing Genk scores an impressive win in the first match against the prestigious Union|  Jupiler Professional League 2023/2024

Efficient Racing Genk scores an impressive win in the first match against the prestigious Union| Jupiler Professional League 2023/2024

  1. 45+3′ – Yellow – Matias Galarza
  2. 45+2′ – Yellow – Daniel Muñoz
  3. 44′ – Yellow – Bilal Al-Khanous
  4. 34′ – Yellow – Charles Vanhoutte
  5. 29′ – Yellow – Luca Owen
  6. 17′ – Goal – Andy Zeqiri (0 – 1)
  1. 90+6′ – Goal – Matias Galarza (0 – 2)
  2. 87′ – Continue. Alessio Castro Montes Written by Henok Teklab
  3. 79′ – Continue. Noah is my friend by Matthias Rasmussen
  4. 77′ – Continue. Bilal Al-Khanous by Aziz Ouattara Mohamed
  5. 77′ – Continue. Andi Zakiri by Toluwalas Emmanuel Arukudar
  6. 67′ – Continue. Video Listen by Mohamed Ammoura
  7. 67′ – Continue. Denis Eckert Ainsa by Gustav Nilsson
  8. 58′ – Continue. Joseph Paintsil by Aliu Vadera
  9. 56′ – Yellow – Joris Kayembe
  10. 51′ – Yellow – Joseph Paintsil

Al-Ittihad suffered a bitter defeat at home. Vice-champion Racing Genk could not convince for ninety minutes, but took the three points from Dudenpark thanks to an early goal from debutant Andy Zeqiri and a late goal from Matias Galarza. The Union team had many opportunities to avoid defeat, but was unable to put the ball into the goal.

Al-Ittihad – Genk in brief:

  • Man of the match: A debut that you can only dream about in advance. In his first match for Genk, Zeqiri immediately scored the most important goal of the match. For the rest, the Brighton signing went to war with Burgess to no avail, but that’s not what fans will remember after tonight.
  • Honorary: The man of the match is not necessarily the best player on the field. This role was intended for Amani Lazar. The tireless midfielder constantly featured at the back of Genk’s defence. He could easily have three assists to his name.
  • distinct: Although Union created a large number of chances – 25 in total – they only had 4 shots between the posts. This was in stark contrast to Genk, who also scored twice with two shots on target.

KRC Genk entered the international match with a goal-scoring problem, but ‘efficiency’ was the only thing the visitors could really rely on – after a poor first half – against Union.

Thanks to new striker Andy Zeqiri.

The visitors were completely thrashed by a powerful Union in the opening stages, but – like a bolt from the blue – Brighton’s new signing still gifted the visitors the opening goal after twenty minutes. He got 0-1 on a tray of Paintsil.

The first of many for Zakiri?

But the union was not affected at all. The home team took control of the midfield and continued to dominate the match. It created chance after chance, but Puertas and his busy teammates were unable to get the ball past the posts.

Verdict: 25 shots, only 4 between the posts and 0 goals.

To make matters worse, Matias Galarza also opened his account with Genk. In the last minute, he shot a rebound from substitute Tolo. Score in Genk: Two shots on target, two goals.

HOW IT COULD GO: Union entered the international match as a fast-scoring and unbeatable home team, but – after a frustrating game – burdened themselves with a goal-scoring problem.

Franken: “We made it difficult for ourselves”

Wouter Franken (Genk): “That was a great victory. But after the previous matches, that was also allowed. We deserved it there, but we didn’t get it. Now it’s the opposite. That’s also allowed, actually. We’re very sorry about that.” “We made ourselves difficult. Al-Ittihad put us under a lot of pressure and forced us to make mistakes. Fortunately, we fought for every bit of ground. It was us and them and they were not very effective. The roles were reversed there as well. Our new striker Zeqiri also did his best and showed The right energy in his game. He has done everything for the team and still has a lot of room to grow.”

Messin: “This defeat is hard to believe”

Alexander Belsen (Al-Ittihad):Football can be unfair sometimes. Because we are playing a very good game today. And it’s not just the numbers that show this. I also saw a team that put their heart into this match. We just missed a goal. We wanted that, but of course you have to put the ball in the frame. It’s hard to believe and accept that we don’t get any points, but we have to learn from that. “We may be disappointed today, but the European match against Toulouse is just around the corner.”

  1. Second half, 99th minute, the match is over
  2. A goal in the second half in the 96th minute by KRC Genk’s Matias Galarza. 0.2.
  3. Second half, minute 87. Substitution for Union, Henok Teklap comes on, Alessio Castro Montes comes on.
  4. Second half, minute 82. Ammora provided a strong boost to the force when he came on as a substitute. The speedy striker brings the ball in front of goal with a truly acrobatic leap, but once again the home team is unable to capitalize. .
  5. Second half, minute 79. Substitution in Union, with Matthias Rasmussen coming on and Noah Siddiqui coming off
  6. Second half, minute 77. Substitution for Genk Club, Aziz Ouattara Mohamed comes on, Bilal Al-Khannous comes off.
  7. Second half, minute 77. Genk substitution, Toulwalas Emmanuel Arokodari comes on, Andy Zeqiri comes off.
  8. Second half, minute 75. Another chance, again for Portas, but again no goal for Leon. This time the busy midfielder shoots the ball high over the goal. Luck is not on the home team’s side today. .
  9. Second half, minute 71. Miraculously, only the second ball was between the goalposts for Union. The beleaguered Puertas could take another swing, but this time Vandevoordt stands firm. The home team is holding their hair back again. .
  10. Second half, minute 68. Change of goalkeeper. Belsen realizes that something also needs to change at Union. He no longer produced as many chances as in the first half. So the home team’s coach does not take half measures and send an extra striker onto the field. Nelson and Amora could turn things around. Leysen and Eckert were sacrificed. .
  11. Second half, minute 67. Substitution for Union, Mohamed Ammoura comes on, Fedi Lissen comes on
  12. Second half, minute 67. Substitution for Union, Gustav Nilsson comes on, Dennis Eckert Ainsa comes on.
  13. Second half, minute 62. Borges is very strong. Burgess remains a tower of power in Union. Genk relies on transitional moments and tackles sharply towards Morris’ cage. For example, Al-Khannous appears to be going one-on-one with the Al-Ittihad goalkeeper, but Burgess ends up interfering. The danger has passed. .
  14. Second half, minute 58. A defensive change for Genk. Franken takes Joseph Paintsil to the side. The speedy winger was the visiting team’s most dangerous player before the end of the first half. Alieu Fadera (at least) can try to achieve the same thing. .
  15. Second half, minute 58. Substitution for KRC Genk, Aliu Vadera comes on and Josef Bentzel comes on.
  16. Yellow card for Joris Kayembe from Genk in the second half, minute 56
  17. Second half, minute 53. Lazar applause. The Joseph Marin Stadium gives Lazar a spacious venue. The hard-working Unionist eliminated two Genk players on the right flank with some brilliant footballing touches. He also finished his movements with an excellent ball at the back of the defence. Eckert thanks his teammate and releases Puertas into the penalty area, but the Spaniard allows the ball to be stolen from him. .
  18. Yellow card for Genk’s Joseph Paintsil in the second half, minute 51
  19. Second half, minute 50. The face of the match did not change after the break. Al-Ittihad continues to monopolize football, thanks in part to massive negligence on the part of the visitors. However, we still have to be careful of counterattacks from Genk. In this way, Zeqiri can build again in the big rectangle, but this time Genk’s new striker completely breaks his shot. .
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