February 8, 2023

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The best from Villa Sporza: Martínez's mistake and Gergia's Croatian national figure and perfect player |  FIFA World Cup 2022

The best from Villa Sporza: Martínez’s mistake and Gergia’s Croatian national figure and perfect player | FIFA World Cup 2022

A day before the Belgium-Croatia match, Villa Sporza was pretty much dominated by the Red Devils. Carl Vanyukerke looked forward with Helen Jacques, Gilles Mbeye-Bia, Dennis van Wijk and Bob Peters. Watch the best clips from the broadcast here.

Croatian in Dario Gergia

MNM host Dorian Ausemus went to Dario Gergia to assess his feelings about Croatia and Belgium. Girja has been a basketball coach in Belgium for over 10 years, in Ostend and in recent years also with the national team. He talks about what distinguishes the Croats, and the players from the Balkans, from other nations. But who will support him later?

Martinez unknowingly admits his mistake

Dennis van Wijk has noticed something about Robin van Gooch’s interview with Roberto Martinez. The national coach confirmed the great loss of the suspended Amadou Onana.

“It is that this boy is now suddenly called indispensable, while he was sitting on the bench during the first game. While you can see every week at Everton how Onana closes the holes, spearheads the midfield, … the same is actually true.” Trussard, who is also a man in body.

World Cup balls in the cavity

A striking picture: the balls entering the field also receive the same warm-up. Because it now has an electric chip, it must be properly charged beforehand. The chip could also prove that Cristiano Ronaldo did not score against Uruguay.

Field Storm provides acrobatics

In the same match between Portugal and Uruguay, we also saw the first field storm and it seems that security has had much more problems in recent days, because a fan has also entered the field in France and Tunisia. He entertained the audience (but not TV fans, because everything was out of the picture) with some amazing gymnastics.

Wouter de Smit follows in the footsteps of the Red Devils: “We are alone”

A board that collects its perfect player

In conclusion, Carl Vanyukerk measures the perfect player in the eyes of the guests at his table. Not one name, but a group of names on some parameter (variable, as it turned out).

Carl’s Moment: Chesney’s Heroic Role

Karl Vannieuwkerke decided that the Poles can burn a big candle for their goalkeeper, who, among other things, stops a penalty kick from Lionel Messi. “Because of Wojciech Szczesny they are in the 1/8 finals.”

Daily talk show about the World Cup in Qatar. Carl Vanyukerke and his guests relive the last day of the “Winter Circus Sporza” in Ghent. With more attention to the Red Devils, of course. Studio guests are Helen Jacques, Bob Peters, Dennis van Wijk and Gilles Mbeye-Bia.

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