February 5, 2023

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Ella Laers becomes new host of 'Perfect World' |  showbiz

Ella Laers becomes new host of ‘Perfect World’ | showbiz

Ella Leyers has been working on Actua’s satirical show for two years now. For example, she was allowed to call the owner of Jan Yap. In addition, Ella has created dozens of hilarious videos in recent years and also showed off her humorous talent in the most popular DIW videos on Facebook. For example, the sitcom “Since I Drink Every Day” has reached 1.5 million people online. For Lotte Vermeir, Director of the One and Canvas Network, Ella Leyers is the perfect heir to Jan Jaap. “She is one of the smartest people in the world and she is also funny, smart and smooth. She follows current events like no other.”

For Ella Laers herself, it really is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. “I’ve been enjoying myself as an actress in ‘The Ideal World’ for two years now, so when they asked me to come in as well, I knew where I would end up. Then I asked myself, ‘If I don’t, will I be jealous of my replacement?’ And the answer was yes, So I jumped.” It was previously announced that Jan Yap would stop hosting the tournament after this season. And on Thursday, May 5th, he will bid farewell to the “ideal world” with a clear conscience. Yan Yap has nothing but praise for his successor. “I am honored to have one of the funniest people I know take over the torch from ‘Perfect World’. Ella could start the show in a different direction with her style and ideas and that sounds very healthy to me. I think we are taking a serious step towards a perfect world.”

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