March 2, 2024

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Eric Van Looi reveals surprising eating habits in his book The Smartest Person: “No green vegetables and four boxes of Zwanwurst a week” |  Showbiz

Eric Van Looi reveals surprising eating habits in his book The Smartest Person: “No green vegetables and four boxes of Zwanwurst a week” | Showbiz

On Tuesday evening, the arrival of Guga Baùl brought a lot of noise into the studio of “The Smartest Person”. Sam Joris, Steven Van Gocht, Willy Neyssens…: Thanks to the Ostend resident, it seemed as if they were there too. Much to the delight of his fellow nominees, jury members and Eric Van Looy. The latter provided this season’s WTF moment, while judge Rick Verhey used his screen time to promote his new show ‘De Spor’.

No, Guga Baùl didn’t miss his Tuesday debut on “The Smartest Person in the World.” The 37-year-old Tine Embrechts pair set the tone from the first minute, with a hugely successful imitation of Sam Gores. “Not only do I have many voices; Man’s head“, he sounded then.

Jury member Rick Verhey did not talk about the votes, but he did talk about his football shirt. It turned out to be a copy of the Sporting Hasselt. “I actually bought this club with Sam Kerkhofs (Media businessman and athlete, editor). “We are two presidents together, a dual presidency.” Then Rick says he also did a series about it. “I’ve wanted to do a program about football and the climate there for a long time. And then at some point I thought: ‘What better thing could I do than be in the middle of it?’ Suddenly, Sporting Hasselt became an opportunity, and I thought: ‘Oh My God, it’s only seven hundred kilometers from Knokke (where Verhey lives, ed.).” Why not?“I’m logging a lot of miles, and we’re filming it all. You can see it from Tuesday 28 November on GoPlay. The program is ‘De Spor’ – Sporting Hasselt’s nickname. It’s about two idiots: a club fan and an Anderlecht fan – which sounds like the beginning of a bad joke.” Extremely – and how they control the Limburg club.

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There is no green food

The eating habits of the candidates were also discussed during the match. For example, juror Jennifer Helin said she eats a lot of vegetables, but Eric — or Orrick, as she had previously incorrectly addressed him — does not. “I’m eating more and more vegetables,” the presenter defended himself. This answer did not satisfy Jennifer, who then said that Eric eats some “beige” things – like spaghetti and spaghetti. “I actually didn’t like the color green in the past,” Van Looy admitted. “In general, I didn’t like anything green.”

For example, according to the testing official, green peppers are less flavorful than red peppers. “Now it’s better and I’m eating normally.” You may think that all’s well that ends well. But not for Jennifer. She wanted to know what vegetables Eric was eating these days. Van Looy was left unanswered, but – as a form of compensation – he admitted that he was addicted to Zwanwursten. “I really eat this a lot,” he said. “About three to four boxes are checked each week.” For those wondering: Beefy sausages, which are individually wrapped, can also appeal to Van Lowe’s. “I eat that with the plastic on the side,” he said. “This is probably the most nutritious of all,” said judge Rick Verhey.

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In the match, Charlotte Adigiri won – thanks to a difficult round of videos – for the fourth time by a total of 380 seconds. With a sixth entry under her belt, she also overtakes Maureen Vanherbergen in the world rankings.

Goga ranked second, and our Deputy Prime Minister came in third. This ranking also remained intact during the final match, with Goga defeating Pawel de Sutter with relative ease. Things got interesting for a moment when the green politician managed to give five correct answers for Michelangelo, thus reducing Goga’s time to 81 seconds. This meant De Sutter only had five correct answers to secure his next entry, but unfortunately – with 44 seconds on the timer – that turned out to be too many. When asked about Disney movies, de Sutter could only think of one good answer: Joga played at home with “Aladdin.” The politician took her loss sportingly. “It was fun,” he said. “And the best won.”

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