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Ex-manager snatches “Annabelle” singer Hans de Puig from the street: “It smells bad of thanks” |  showbiz

Ex-manager snatches “Annabelle” singer Hans de Puig from the street: “It smells bad of thanks” | showbiz

showbizDutch singer Hans de Puig, 65, recently testified that he was forced to live in a caravan. His illness and lack of interest in his performance and her music killed him financially, leaving him unable to pay the house rent. But his former manager Hans Bronwasser and producer Adri-Jan Hoes are now shining a different light on the situation. Both of them are not pleased with the collaboration with the singer, whom they have tried so hard to relaunch their careers. “He called me a liar, a thief and a scoundrel.”

At the end of last month, the “Annabelle” singer had to live in a caravan. Because of the Corona crisis, and after contracting the virus, he was unable to work for a long time. As a result, he is no longer able to pay the rent for his apartment. Former manager Hans Brunwasser stood by him during a difficult period in his life. “I literally picked him off the street. He was bad. He had no job, he had financial problems and had to leave his house,” the former manager told Private.

However, the singer was never without an income, because a bonus was arranged for de Booij so that he could pay the rent for his apartment. “I don’t know what happened. But Hans managed to build up a rent debt,” says de Brunwasser. Meanwhile, the Dutch singer managed to pay off the rental debt. He owes this mainly to his record boss Adri-Jan Hoes, who ensured that De Booij received a large amount of back royalties from his former record company. Recently, Booij also has a home again. Although he didn’t do it himself. Beneficiary Gerard van der Horst is allowing the singer to live for free for a year in a terraced house in Fijnaart, the Netherlands.

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Expensive return

Hans Bronwasser and Adri-Jan Hoes worked on the return of Hans de Booij last year. For example, Bronwasser approached radio and television programs to ask for interest in him and Adri-Jan Hoes recorded an album with the singer. “I paid for everything and I’m not talking about the hours I spent at Hans. I arranged a dentist for him so he could fix his teeth. He slept in my apartment in Rotterdam and was welcome in my home in Antwerp,” says the former manager. However, according to him, De Booij was ungrateful. “It all came to him naturally. I have a stink to thank.” After a heated argument, they decide to end the collaboration. “By chance I ran into him again in a café in Antwerp. He called me – in front of everyone – a liar, a thief and an idiot.”

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Also, Adri-Jan Hoes is not satisfied with his collaboration with the Dutch singer. “I put 25,000 euros into the recording of How I Could Have Done It Differently. He was too lazy to promote the album, but if he didn’t have the money again, he knew how to find me,” the producer explains to “Privé”. According to Hawes, the singer easily falls into the victim role. “He himself made a mess of his life, but if you hear Hans, then everything happened to him and it’s certainly not his fault.”

Sneeze at CV

In It Won’t Work Without You, a biography of Hans that has been on the shelves since April, his former manager and producer is negatively exposed. Adri-Jan Hoes disagrees. He had his lawyer write a pithy letter to the publisher. Not long after, he was told that all negative and incorrect passages would be corrected in a possible second edition. “Hans was aware of this, but he didn’t have the courage to discuss this with me,” says Hawes.

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The Dutch singer says he regrets that his former manager and producer was disappointed with the collaboration. “But it went the way it was. I had already recorded an album, but when it was done nothing happened. No action was taken, even though I had been on it for a long time,” says de Puig. The artist has nothing good to say about Hans Brunwasser. “He may have put me on the road, but I’m not there to work with him. I’m glad I got rid of him,” it sounds like in Private.

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